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06-16-2008, 03:39 PM
osCMax Installation Manual - osCMax - osCommerce Maximized (http://www.oscmax.com/book/oscmax_installation_manual)

Mike... You follow these, and the other ones from over the weekend I did on the xxxdox.xxx site.



I can't wait to see the 500 page book, turn into 800+? < just teasing >

06-16-2008, 07:05 PM
Your head hurts, does it? Sorry to hear that.

I don't need to follow instructions anymore, alas. I have installed osCMax thousands of times and it takes me about 4 minutes to install, start to finish.

The instructions work though ;)

06-16-2008, 11:57 PM
Getting "closer" yet?

Honestly? Walk in ths "OSCMax" like an "idiot" OAR?...

I really should KNOT call you that, but "my man" php7. Horizon? (sub-compiled)

VIA <c>

That's why?? A lot of "responses" R KNOT ans:sword: here?


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Now? Can you install? The WAY your "VERBATIM" speaks? WIKI??

DUDE, you run "too many tracks, unable to "track your own"



(IT) Was "written, SEW IT shall BE "done"

You need "more CHEESE" for you MOUSETRAP

06-20-2008, 07:57 AM
Thx for "moving" the thread, let us do this here then? As Maybe it will help others Michael.

And then bits/pieces can be learned and added to possibly a new thread, for step-by-step.

Now, Over one week since initial "finding" of OSCMax (A better mousetrap)

There are at least (2) places with install instructions.

Here:> oscmax_docs [osCMax and osCommerce documentation] (http://wiki.oscdox.com/oscmax_docs) which for a person landing on this URL, the next step leads to here:> installation [osCMax and osCommerce documentation] (http://wiki.oscdox.com/installation)

a) It seems to be outdated to me showing v1.7 For now, we'll continue using this.

The below, I have all of the following, as I have total control of this server...and for the sake of this post, I will post information of OS/PHP/MySQL versions first also.

OS => CentOS 4.6
PHP => 5.2.5
MySQL => 4.1.22

Server root path
Document root
MySql Database name, username and password

My next step has been goto=> installing_via_ftp [osCMax and osCommerce documentation] (http://wiki.oscdox.com/installing_via_ftp)

My defaulted FTP mode in my FTP client "had been set" to AUTOMATIC in both my prior cases into (2) different "spaces" ( Domains ) One of them in which I uploaded the /catalog sub-dir (as discussed as an option)

which the initial resulted in
FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!

Therefore bring me back last week and posting to the forums regarding this.

After this error, (and my postings) is when I went thru the threads...etc...and installed the register_globals_v1.5 patch obtained from the OSCommerce Contribs. But?? To no avail, more time down the drain.

So then, this brings us to this:>

My next step was to leave the above installed application ( and patch installed ) as it is for now, and let's try this on another site..in which I did but this time I installed into the DR (public_html) dir of the domain...Once again, using FTP and DEFAULTED mode of Automatic.

Results were the same, as expected...
FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!

under main url and also /install dir.

but this time is when I modified the .htaccess included w/ OSCMax files to:

# 6/18/08 I added the below to his file here
# I did it, and it brought up the install screen
php_flag register_globals on
php_value register_long_arrays on

Now, phpinfo shows:
register_argc_argvOnOnregister_globalsOnOffregiste r_long_arraysOnOn

OK, Now we have:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect (http://www.kingoftaps.com/function.mysql-connect)]: Access denied for user 'nobody'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/kingtaps/public_html/includes/functions/database.php on line 19
Unable to connect to database server!

AS EXPECTED !! As we have not ran the install program as of yet.

But at this time, I must also mention that I have
a) Created a database
b) Created a user & password
c) Added this User, the the database with FULL permissions.

OK, back to the above, I now proceed to enter the /install dir of where I have UPLOADED OSCMax, this time (today...repeating the steps) I used ASCII mode as described in the intructions..in which prior I did not check.

I am now at the "Welcome to osCMax v2.0!" screen, and proceeding to goto> INSTALL

Now, before I continue...I am going back to phpMyAdmin and verify everything is there for sure.

Upon opening phpMyAdmin, it shows (1) database called:


I then proceed to MySQL Databases link in cPanel and it reflects (1) database of kingtaps_kotcat with a user attached of kingtaps_kotcat in which I created yesterday, giving full permissions.

For "giggles" I am now deleting the user, and will recreate it again...giving full permissions.

DONE...and added w/FULL permissions...

At this point, I must also mention that I have given 777 permissions to the (2) configure files as mentioned...and I verified that they ARE showing...once written/changed for me, as I saw a post where for someone else...they were having this problem..

OK, all the "ducks in a row" at this point?

Well, here I go > (10:44am 6/20/08 over a week later) :time:

I clicked INSTALL and check both, then Continue

Enter the domain name of the Database server ( I have also tried w/dedicated IP also)

Enter the username of: kingtaps_kotcat
(then the password)
Then Database name of: kingtaps_kotcat

I also have "checked radio button" for DB session storage.

I then click continue, and :>

Test connection unsuccessful
Access denied for user 'kingtaps_kotcat'@'xx.xxx.xxx.xx' (using password: YES)

IP Addressed removed, for security purposes, due to the fact of "register_globals" having to be open/on.

Thoughts Michael?

time 10:55am 6/20/08


(In search of a Better Mousetrap) and what really sold me on yours? Was the fact that I could easily just purchase templates from you, and save time ( which is money )...but trust me, I have a lot of time just trying to get this to install? :beer:

and here:>

HERE?? Meaning the install on oscmax link ( not oscdox)