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05-28-2008, 07:32 AM
Hello from Jersey. I have been using OSCmax since it first came out and have tried just about every cart possible. I have continued to use OSCmax because it is simply the best out there and with every update it just get better. The support here is excellent and Michael has done a fine job.

I use the cart to run my fishing store Nationwide Tackle LLC : Fishing Tackle for Freshwater and Saltwater Largemouth Bass (http://www.nationwidetackle.com) while I am not working on the store I fish and fish and fish, just ask my wife. I fish as a competitive bass angler with four different circuits. So if you ever need fishing info hit me up.

Here are a few things about NJ

We drink soda not pop, but you have to clarify which kind of soda (coke, pepsi, orange, etc.)

We eat subs, not hoagies or heroes

We shop at the store, not market for groceries and "the mall" for clothes

We drive on the Parkway (the others around here are called highways)

We say you's, wherejago, whatjado, whojasee, etc.

We don't say deli meat, we say cold cuts (and we like them thin cut)

That red sauce on pasta??? uh uh...it's gravy with macaroni (definitely on Sundays especially, well, at least if you're Italian)

We're also from Jersey, not New Jersey (if you're telling someone)

For most on Sunday the house of worship is a sports arena.

Yes, yes, yes, we all sound like we have accents and attitudes but no, we're not all nasty and NO most of us do not know Tony Soprano!!!!

05-28-2008, 08:59 AM
Youze fogot dat youze got da straightest parkway in the US, youze can set the wheel on I-95 at the NY border wid a stick an nut move it all da weigh ta PN. I really love da pig farms on da right side of da parkway and da burning garbage on da left.

[as a side note, I was raised in the "better state" that borders the other side of NY (CT) was accepted at William Patterson College (but didn't attend), constantly harassed my cousins who lived in Upper Saddle River, my mom was from Englewood originally, and I always preferred Palisades Park to Playland in Rye. So don't take the above too harshly...]