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04-19-2008, 10:31 AM

Product Attributes ile ilgili product_attributes.php dosyasini ilgilendiren onca contribution'a karsin , burdaki guncel versiyonlarda manual installation
dosyalarinin bulunmamasi buyuk kayip. Bende buna karsilik product attributes sort order contribution yuklemesi icin products_attributes.php sayfasindaki
tum degisiklikleri adim adim anlatan bir manual installation dosyasi olusturdum. (OsCommerce'nin son cikardigi oscommerce v2.2rc2a uzerinde denenmistir.)

v1.6 Degisiklikler
Bunun disinda eklemis oldugum admin/products_attributes.php (oscommerce v2.2rc2a icin) dosyasinda http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4550 sayfasindaki
bir diger products attributes'leri duzenlemenizde isine yarayabilecek bir contirbution olan "Product Attributes Clone tool" hazir halde install edilmistir.

product_info ve products_attributes.php sayfalarindan screenshots eklenmistir.
Eklemis oldugum admin/product_attributes.php dosyasi "product type option" icin uyarli oldugu icin product_type_option.sql dosyasindaki sql query'yi calistirilmasini gerektirir,
Bu sql query'nin calistirilmasi diger fonksiyonlarin calismasini etkilemez, sadece siralamadaki hatanin cikmasini onler boylelikle "product type option" install yapmis olan ya da install yapmis olmayan herkes kullanabilir.


Although there are many contributions related to Product Attributes in product_attributes.php file ,it is a big lost that there is
no manual installation on updated versions. So that to be able to install product attributes sort order contribution I created
a new manual installation file that shows and explains step by step all the changes in products_attributes.php page.
(It has been tested on last version of oscommerce v2.2rc2a)

v1.6 ChangeLog
Rather then this in admin/products_attributes.php file (for oscommerce v2.2rc2a) the http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4550 page which I added,
there is "Product Attributes Clone tool" has already been intalled which will help you to prepare other product attributies.

Screenshots has been added from product_info and products_attributes.php pages.The admin/product_attributes.php file
that I added is conformably to ''product type option'' so that it needs to run the sql query in product_type_option.sql file.
To run this sql query will not affect other fonctions it will only hide the error on listing to not be shown
so that everybody (who installed the ''product type option'' or who didn't install it) can use it.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1822)