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04-03-2008, 07:41 PM
Header Tags SEO is based
on the Header Tags Controller but is not compatible.

-> The code is 100% langage compliant.
-> Removed the english/header_tags.php file in favor of database entries.
-> Fixed a bug introduced in a previous version. A spelling mistake would make Page Control fail in some cases. I only mention this here because
it was a nasty little bug I could never locate. So anyone having that problem should consider upgrading.
-> Added control options to admin->Configuration.
-> Added additional meta tag options. It is doubtful these will be used that much but a number of requests were received for this option so it was added.
-> Added an option to view the title and meta tags on the actual web page from admin.
-> Added Social Bookmark code.
-> Added code to apply mouseover text to the sites logo - unique for each page.
-> Added code to have the breadcrumb use the header tags titles.
-> Added an exclude list in admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php that prevents header tags code from being added to certain files (like checkout pages). This is
because those pages don't need tags and excluding them will simplify matters.
-> Added option to Page Control and Fill Tags so that the keywords can be dynamically generated from the pages on the site. Currently, the code only supports single keywords but I plan on
changing that. There is an option in admin to only pick keywords that fall within the keyword density settings.
-> Added an automatic page add feature. You still have to edit the actual file in the root but that's all.
-> Added easy install instruction for STS shops. There is just one change to make and the two contribution work together.
-> Added code to have the new features work with BTS based shops. There may be a few cases
where an option doesn't work due to how BTS handles the files, but they should be minimal and not anything to cause a great stir.
-> Changed how title, description and keywords are built. This should provide more flexibility for those that want that option. Each item has a sort order and is displayed in the string of text based on that sort order. So, for example, the title of a page can contain some entered text, the default title and the category and manufacturers names (if applicable), in any order.
-> Added an Un-Install file to completely remove Header Tags from the database. This should
make testing and troubleshooting easier.
-> Added code to use curl instead of standard php file calls. The code will try curl first and then switch to a file command if it is not present.
-> Tested in MS2, RC2, STS and BTS shops.

Please do not upload anything other than a full package. If you are not planning on supporting the code you upload, please do not do so since I only support my code and doing so would be a wast of time.

This is a full package.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5851)