View Full Version : Downloaded Items don't reduce Stock Quantity

10-31-2003, 09:51 AM

I'm trying to sell digital products on my site where a person downloads the file and pays me money. However, I'm finding after a person checks out (me in this case--I haven't gone live) the stock quantity is not reduced. I'm using the check/money order module right now for testing purposes. Is there something I'm doing wrong?



10-31-2003, 01:32 PM
Well, since it is a digital download and there is not stock quantity. It is unused. There is one file that can be purchased and downloaded infinitely. No need for stock quantity.

Make sure you have the stock settings configured in the admin. You have to turn them on.

11-01-2003, 09:52 AM
So you're saying it can't be done??? I need it to keep track of the digital products sold. I'm getting them from suppliers, I can only sell a limited amount, and without stock level warnings I can get in serious trouble.

I have stock quantity set at 20 for each digital product.

Admin->Configuration->Stock Settings

Check Stock Level TRUE
Subtract Stock TRUE
Allow Checkout FALSE
Mark Product out of stock ***
Re-order stock level 5

Is there anything that can be done, or can you tell me how to hack the code??


Thanks in advance


11-01-2003, 12:28 PM
With osCommerce, anything can be done, just you have to hack it yourself a lot ;)

I dont think it was ever considered necessary, since downloads are not physical stock, and you can sell as many as you wish. The usual issues with stock do not apply to virtual products, and for the most part that is why stock amounts are not needed. You do not have an inventory in the traditional sense. I don't think stock checking is coded into the downloads module (I did not write the module, so don't bame me!)

If you dig around the checkout code, I am sure you can find the stock checking routine and just hack it into the download scripts... I may have time to take a look in a few days, but don't hold your breath...