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02-12-2008, 08:10 PM
UPS Worldship XML Auto Import
written by Thuan V. Nguyen, http://www.a8le.com
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This contribution allows you to process your UPS Worldship orders with the click of a link.
The links are located in the order's details page.

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UPS Worldship software that can be ordered free here: http://www.ups.com/orderworldship?loc=en_US .
A UPS account to order and use the UPS Worldship software.
A daily UPS pick-up required for use of the software.

You must have UPS Worldship running, specifically... you must have their "XML Auto Import" running.
It can be found under the "UPS Online Connect" tab... once you click on the "XML Auto Import".
A new window will open up... there you will see a start button, click "Start".
Instructions straight from UPS: http://ups.com/media/en/XML_Technical_Support_Guide_Final.pdf

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v1.0 Initial version
v1.1 Updated Weight to get extracted from the order
Updated Customer id from Customers_id instead of Orders_id
Using 2 letter state
Added reference2
Updated button image
v1.2 Changed back Customer id from Customers_id to Orders_id, no way for osCommerce Admin/User to reference customer_id w/out go to DB
Fixed Company/Name statement
Removed Link from button image and added 7 UPS ServiceType Links
Added upgrade instructions

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5519)