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02-11-2008, 05:30 PM
This new version includes big changes and lots of new features.

* IPN support. Order statuses will be updated when PayPal sends notifications.

* Ability to issue refunds, capture funds, and charge cards from the admin.

* Improved error handling. Debug dumps now mask all sensitive information.

* Easier installation. The number of files that need to be modified have dropped from about 20 down to 11, and all modifications are minimal. The contribution is mostly contained in two folders and all operational code is stored within.

* Ability to disable Express Checkout (although you shouldn't use Direct Payment without it).

* Transaction information is no longer visible to the customer, but is displayed on the admin orders page.

* Ability to set order status based on payment status. If a payment is returned as "Pending" instead of "Completed," you can have the orders status set to a specific status. Likewise for "Refunded," "Reversed," and "Canceled" transactions.

* Fixed the quantity in order list bug.

* Express Checkout button can now be defined and located wherever you wish.

* Issue numbers are no longer required for Switch transactions.

* Purchasing free items that have shipping costs is now possible.


* Much much more, check the changelog.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're using an earlier version and want to upgrade, you must first completely uninstall the previous version. Notes about how to do that are in the readme.

Support Thread: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=174981&view=getnewpost

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