View Full Version : Never See Credit Card v1

01-25-2008, 12:00 PM
One of the BIGGEST liabilities an ecommerce store faces is storage of credit card information. The constant worry whether your database has been or will be compromised can weigh heavy on a store operator.

You are faced with two options:
1. Do nothing - not a very good idea.
2. Don't even store the credit card number. Great idea!!!

Let's face it even if you are in TOTAL control of your database - eventually someone somewhere will try to hack it. If they succeed every one of your customers credit cards will be compromised. This simple to install and use script STOPS the would be thief cold because neither you, your employees, nor anyone else will actually see the card number.

You can honestly tell your customers that you do have, see, store or otherwise have access to their credit card information. Peace of mind for you and removal of a liability that you really do not want or need.

DO NOT INSTALL THIS IF YOU USE THE NUMBER FOR CREDITS, REFUNDS, VOIDS, ETC. We issue refund checks rather than issuing electronic methods.

Good Luck.

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