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11-30-2007, 06:13 AM
My current site is Memory Lane Designs - Photo book - Mini photo book - Custom photo book - Hard cover photo book - Digital Photo Art - Custom Photo Art (http://www.memorylanedesigns.com) if you would like to see what I'm selling. I am wanting to purchase template 14080 from templatemonster.com and get going with an oscommerce store, but I cannot figure out how to make it where customers can upload photos for their merchandise. I am beginning to think that it is not possible to do. I've spent hours upon hours looking for a way to do it.

I guess what I'm asking is if something could be made or tweaked to fit my needs. I'm doing custom photo books, art, etc... and I also have an archival service. I want customers to be able to upload the photos they want in the books or artwork, but if they have them on the archive server, I want them to be able to access them and pick them from there in lieu of having to upload them again. If they are adding new photos, then I would like those saved on the archival server for them. Different projects require a different number of images, and I also need to account for them ordering multiple products with different images per product, or multiple quantities of an item with different photos on each item.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions that could get me going in the right direction with this?