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10-23-2007, 03:11 AM
This is an optional combo fix which includes my subtotals bug fix (see the bug fix below this one for more info) as well as a fix for table shipping calculations. If you do not use the table shipping method for calculating shipping, you do not need to install this fix. You should instead download and install the fix below this one.

The zip file includes the new discount_coupon.php and table.php files. There are two readme files included - one for users who have already installed the previous fix, and one for users who have not installed either of the fixes.

NOTE: This is a temporary fix for anyone who needs it. It is NOT official, and is only meant to tide users over until KGT or one of the other developers includes such a fix in their official releases. DO NOT message me for support on this bug fix or any other problems you may have with DCC. If you have a problem with this bug fix, simply uninstall it and wait for something more official.

Good luck,

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