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10-13-2007, 06:12 AM
Modyfi 3 files to have e-mail and password only require during check-out.It is not perfect and make shure that you back up your original.
The english.php goes to /catalog/language.
The form_check.js.php goes to /includes/
The create account.php goes to /catalog/
It works well on my web site.
I have a digital download(photos) and do not hava a SSL(expensive) not mention that I do not want to have store any one personal file and wanted a customers have a option to quick check out.The e-mail and password I wanted in a case if something goes wrong.
Experts need to look into this codes and maby some will improve.
I am new to PHP and my html it is not to good eighter.
Have a fun.It is possible to remove the e-mail and password too if someone want to have "hit and run" customers.

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