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10-12-2007, 12:30 PM
When using german "Umlaute" like ÄäÖöÜü at the Beginning of some text, they will disappear when importing some csv-file.

Download-File just includes this description-text.

To fix this problem, open easypopulate.php an find
while($line = fgetcsv($fp,32768,$ep_separator)) at row 997

Replace the whole while-Block with the following:

while($lineRead = fgets($fp)) // read new line (max 32K bytes) // Torben
$line=explode($ep_separator,$lineRead); // Torben
unset($line[(sizeof($line)-1)]); // remove EOREOR at the end of the array
$readed[] = $line; // add to array we will process later

Hope this was helpfull.


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