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10-03-2007, 08:11 AM
You won't see the new international shipping methods reflected in your admin > modules > shipping > usps without updating your database:

Run this code in MySQL to find out your configuration id:

SELECT configuration_id from configuration where configuration_key = "MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TYPES_INTL";

Run this code, substitute "CONFIG_ID" for the value you received from the query above:

UPDATE `configuration` SET `configuration_value` = 'GXG, GXG Non-Doc Rect, GXG Non-Doc Non-Rect, Express, Express FlatEnv, Priority Intl, Priority Intl FlatEnv, Priority Intl FlatBox, FirstClass Intl',
`last_modified` = NULL ,
`use_function` = NULL ,
`set_function` = 'tep_cfg_select_multioption(array('GXG', 'GXG Non-Doc Rect', 'GXG Non-Doc Non-Rect', 'Express', 'Express FlatEnv', 'Priority Intl', 'Priority Intl FlatEnv', 'Priority Intl FlatBox', 'FirstClass Intl'),' WHERE `configuration_id` = 'CONFIG_ID' LIMIT 1;

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