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09-23-2007, 07:22 AM
UltraPics for 2.2ms2 Flash Version v1.05 Installation

1.06 version: removed unnecessary thumbnail mouseover links.
1.05 version: implemented small image thumbnails in flash screen
1.04 version: additional pictures buttons in flash screen (with numbers)&removed html small pictures
1.03 version: Now Supports JPG, GIF and PNG images. Not only JPG.
1.02 Version: Paths fixed

For using this conribution you have to INSTALL UltraPics for 2.2ms2 contribution first.
(UltraPics - Virgin W/ Manual Installation by --- ammmze)

If you are using over 5.2.x php version, you need to disable your "Warnings" from your php.ini file (for example E_ALL to E_ERROR).

!!! BACKUP additional_images.php (in includes/modules) and product_info.php (in your main folder)

1 - Just upload following files :

additional_images.php (catalog/includes/modules)
urundetay.php (catalog/images)
urundetay.swf (catalog/images)
round_bottom.gif (catalog/images)
round_bottom_left.gif (catalog/images)
round_bottom_right.gif (catalog/images)
round_left.gif (catalog/images)
round_right.gif (catalog/images)
round_top.gif (catalog/images)
round_top_left.gif (catalog/images)
round_top_right.gif (catalog/images)
blank.gif (catalog/images)
detailview2.gif (catalog/images)

2 - Open product_info.php

Find this lines and remove

3 -Finished!

Note: use squre image proportion for best result.

Please email for your question: [email protected]

Forum topic for UF: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=275418

Demo : http://osicommerce.com/demo1/product_info.php?cPath=2&products_id=6

(if you want to customize this to your store please email us. -size, color & buttons-)


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