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09-23-2007, 01:25 AM
The contrib below (by kthawat on 6 May 2007) does not work with "Price Break" alone. If you don't have the SPPC contrib installed it crashes.

I think the SPPC fields and tables are throwing everything off. Here is the error:

"1146 - Table 'bdadmin_install_1185327443.TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS' doesn't exist

SELECT customers_group_price, customers_group_id, products_price1, products_price2, products_price3, products_price4, products_price5, products_price6, products_price7, products_price8, products_price1_qty, products_price2_qty, products_price3_qty, products_price4_qty, products_price5_qty, products_price6_qty, products_price7_qty, products_price8_qty, products_qty_blocks FROM TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS WHERE products_id = 46 ORDER BY customers_group_id


I checked my SQL database and found that I do not have "TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS", "customers_group_proce", or "customers_group_id". My guess is that these are the SPPC tables and fields. Am I right?

Is there any way to get around this?

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