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08-25-2007, 06:14 AM
PayOffline is supported by Alliance & Leicester and allows customers to pay at their local shop (actually any shop that has a PayZone terminal) instead of online.

This gives store owners the ability to give their customers a way of paying by cash or debit card. It's ideal for customers that are too afraid of fraud to use their card online or simply don't own a debit or credit card. It also allows more anonymity and privacy for customers as they won't have any tell-tale transactions on their card statements.

There are no monthly fees just a per transaction fee.

You probably haven't yet heard about PayOffline as they have only started accepting transactions in Aug 2007

The module allows customers to select PayOffline as a payment method. After some behind the scenes communication with the PayOffline server it will take them straight to checkout_success and allow them to print off a payslip. This payslip contains the amount, a deadline for payment and importantly a barcode. They take the slip to any PayZone outlet to pay. The payment slip will also be emailed to them and they can reprint it from their account history page.

Once payment is made PayOffline makes a callback to the vendor's site which will update the order status in admin.

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