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08-24-2007, 08:31 AM
Sorry all, just a stupid mistake. I forgot to include the good general.php file. Its been corrected. Download this file and disregard the one below.


The current 4.1.6 version of SPPC did not really have a complete tax exemption solution. It was pretty basic at best. In Canada, companies can be exempted from their provincial taxes if purchasing products for resale from suppliers within their operating province. Some companies can be exempted from both the federal taxes as well as the provincial taxes. This was key so that if I made a specific customer group I could exempt them from either the provincial, or federal or both. It was a very simple addon, took me roughly two hours and modified a few files.

This addon will give you a select box drop down which can have multiple selected tax rates under the customers_groups page. When you add or edit a group, if that group is tax exempt, it will store those rates which you select for this group. When taxes are calculated, they will be calculated without those exempted tax rates.


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