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08-09-2007, 06:22 PM
FULL PACKAGE, including upgrade instructions and all files necessary for installation.

NOTE: This release is not a revision of Order Editor 4.x. The 4.x and 5.x releases were developed independently, and, linearly speaking, are both updates to the 3.x series of Order Editor. As such they would best be considered parallel forks.

For support please visit the Order Editor support thread:

New features of Order Editor 5.0:
-Fully integrated AJAX interface allows for near real-time updating of the database without use of the update button. In order to update a field the user need only type the new information in the appropriate box then press the tab button or otherwise move the cursor and the appropriate change will be accomplished without reloading the page. Additionally, if you don't like AJAX, these features can be turned off via the admin control panel.
-Real-time shipping quotes using the catalog side shipping modules.
-Order total process using the catalog side order total modules.
-Updated HTML layout does away with many of the nested tables found in previous versions (Cleaner! Faster! Easier to edit!).
-Advanced Add a Product function allows for searching by categories, subcategories, name, or model.
-Form is totally functional on browsers with JavaScript disabled (once you set "Order Editor use AJAX" to 'false' in the admin panel:)).
-Much easier to read HTML install/upgrade instructions.

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