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  1. Text Imprint - OTF alternative for osCMax
  2. OSCmax Template - Tech support?
  3. changing the look of oscmax
  4. looking for easy modules to install and play with...
  5. New'ish' user here, some info and questions...
  6. New to oscMax - a couple of basic questions.
  7. Cannot change logo by OSCMAX_top.jpg
  8. Having trouble inserting code using Define Mainpage
  9. I would like catagories to show up on main page
  10. add a bullet between languages
  11. Layering Header Buttons
  12. Two oscMax installs on same domain, how to do SEO rewrites?
  13. Only one product is stored in orders_products
  14. Remove Required Account Info?
  15. Adding PHP include to Info Box
  16. Adding items to cart
  17. osCMax Carbon Fibre Template
  18. How to disable new products listing?
  19. looking for a quiz module
  20. SPPC Default Group
  21. reCAPTCHA for osCMax
  22. What to edit for category infobox appearance?
  23. Can anyone walk me through css for tables
  24. Image in a Table Cell not displaying
  25. request free sample method?
  26. Info Boxes - something wrong
  27. Re-naming the Admin Directory
  28. New infoboxes not showing
  29. Pop up streaming video window - javascript
  30. Need Help Related to tax calculation
  31. Order Editor
  32. Where do I set the cell background colour in categories/subcategories?
  33. Invoice / Packing Slip Question
  34. Quickbooks Import QBI Not working
  35. PayPal Express payment problem
  36. How to Use In Page Links w/ Max
  37. help editing page
  38. rsync replication
  39. adding border around an oscmax template?
  40. How to Add More Categories?
  41. Change order of address fields in account creation form
  42. Where is this code?
  43. create account question
  44. Hyperlink color
  45. Qty box and add multiple products to cart
  46. cool menu with oscmax template how-to?
  47. product scroller in the home page
  48. Help with Extra Product Fields please?
  49. Category description in meta tags, updated.
  50. Complete guide on customizing osCMax
  51. availability of products based on area?
  52. Additional confirmation email
  53. Shadowbox won't display swf
  54. Seperate Product/Item Code From Title
  55. Cart Menu Navigation vs Website Navigation
  56. oscmax v2.1 attributes on product listing pages
  57. accordion menu for category
  58. dynamenu with bts infobox how-to?
  59. where are the info pages text stored?
  60. Ajax shopping cart/ JQuery Script
  61. which files differ between 2.03 and 2.04?
  62. Display Manufacturer List in admin page
  63. How to create a testimonials page
  64. create account form problem
  65. Custom Checkout Page
  66. Site Monitor - Access Denied
  67. Removing links from the Information Box
  68. How to remove the Weight Limit and Product Weight 0 error
  69. How to set fixed pixel width of table across site?
  70. Installing and customizing Superfish
  71. Create account - password
  72. question about version control
  73. Help please site continually being hacked
  74. slideshow
  75. Easy populate issue for hebrew language
  76. Remove text on notification Email
  77. Using jQuery Plugin - Feature List
  78. Paypal Checkout Problem..
  79. modifying product_listing
  80. COD FEE tax problem
  81. Select Size?
  82. Skipping Shipping
  83. tep_session_unregister in firefox?
  84. Sendmail Sending emails twice, Mail will not send back to me?I have
  85. ecotax
  86. Is Paypal IPN The Best Way To Process Orders On Site?
  87. product editor?
  88. Newsletter Manager Question
  89. Analytics Not Tracking
  90. Adding Extra Images
  91. thumbnails generating black bgs? ... and infoboxes
  92. include Infoboxes anywhere ?
  93. Site Monitor
  94. different image sizes for product listing and product info
  95. background on extra image cell
  96. Changing text to image
  97. adding images to a new dynamic content page
  98. BTS template include folders ?
  99. email and/or newsletter mgr
  100. Adding multiple images without mopics
  101. osCMax V2.1 BTS boxes customization
  102. WYSIWYG/fckeditor buttons gone & Google Checkout
  103. Display cart qty and subtotal
  104. Duplicate meta description tags in Attracta
  105. bug with sbcustom.php vs2.1 ?
  106. vs2.1 Extra Product Fields
  107. Website Custom.
  108. product attributes "out of stock" without QTPro
  109. Remove columns from just one page?
  110. Complete and Up-To-Date list of all modifications for oscMax
  111. store locator mod?
  112. vs2.1 bug? shipping module
  113. Fedex Module Error Shipping Method
  114. vs2.1 Best way to add a Datasheet pdf
  115. work around for weight
  116. vs2.1 MOPICS
  117. products associated to geographical location
  118. vs2.1 Discount Categories
  119. assinging product to multiple category
  120. Hide Zero Price
  121. Creating slide show on mainpage
  122. Product Short Description for osCMax ?
  123. Quick Find
  124. Email Invoice 1.0
  125. email non-buyers
  126. 2CO payment module: +5.5% ?
  127. Is it possible to log user off at checkout_sucess page without redirect?
  128. Multiple Sites, One checkout, One User DB
  129. adding offline customers to database
  130. where are the content files
  131. which file should I edit?
  132. Vs2.5 beta - RMA Return Module help!
  133. Template testing
  134. Easy Populate Image Issue
  135. Admin Notes
  136. Hack: OZ Pack
  137. Free shipping over a certain amount
  138. Cannot select country / states
  139. Allow Free Shipping
  140. static lnks
  141. SagePay Direct Error Loop
  142. all products with one "add to cart" button?
  143. checkout looping - customers can't buy!
  144. cod won't activate in the front end
  145. Shipping won't display on front end either
  146. Free Shipping bug - new one
  147. articles section problem (the 1054..)
  148. 3D Websites
  149. Free Gift on Checkout
  150. Replace Button Images with HTML standard buttons ?
  151. A New Splash Opening Page that Won't Splash?
  152. osCMax Popular Search Queries As Tags
  153. osCMax Port of osCommerce Facebook Connect
  154. little bit embarrasing - can't find template folder
  155. Specials prices
  156. questions about admin panel for oscmax 2.5
  157. oscmax 2.5 list of known issues?
  158. Potential css adjustment for admin suckerfish menu in safari or chrome
  159. Can we create affiliates with oscmax 2.5?
  160. Customer can't get past Login
  161. nice work on the admin for oscmax 2.5
  162. Update your admin suckerfish menu to superfish
  163. Place Infobox only on non-SSL pages
  164. help with info button links in admin
  165. [osCmax V2.0.25] Choose Your Recipient for Contact Us Page ?
  166. authorize.net thank you page
  167. [osCmax v2.5x] New Tabs in products feature
  168. Custom Item quotes and shopping cart
  169. [osCmax V2.0.25] integrating ckfinder into ckeditor
  170. [osCmax v2.5x] Background image and plain colour!
  171. Feature Request
  172. [osCmax V2.0.25] Port of Wholesale Enquiry form
  173. [osCmax V2.0.25] Port of Find Unused (Orpaned) Images
  174. [osCmax V2.0.25] I was wondering how i could remove borders on the the middle boxes
  175. [osCmax V2.0.25] Admin infobox additions
  176. [osCmax V2.0.25] tutorial and need for help on google feeders
  177. Welcome Email Fix - 2 New Files v2.5
  178. XHTML 1.0 Strict
  179. need smtp username / password for beta 2
  180. help finding information pages
  181. Help with this code
  182. Suggestion for tool to compare code
  183. [osCmax v2.5x] One page checkout layout
  184. will upgrade from 2.03 to 2.5 be easy?
  185. configure.php for oscmax setup on subdirectory
  186. Converting to CKeditor help
  187. tep draw button?
  188. [osCmax v2.5x] Quantum Gateway
  189. What is your preferred checkout flow with Google Checkout?
  190. [osCmax v2.5x] Quick question on the template system
  191. [osCmax V2.0.25] Discount Coupons
  192. help controlling meta data
  193. help with sitemap?
  194. [osCmax v2.5x] Wholesale Minimum Order
  195. [osCmax v2.5x] myQBi Quickbooks Sync, will it work in 2.5 beta1/2?
  196. [osCmax v2.5x] Adding new shipping module epic_fail
  197. [osCmax v2.5x] Adding Text Imprint to osCmax 2.5
  198. How to change colors/templates?
  199. easy important feature add to oscmax 2.5
  200. help understanding oscSearchSuggest
  201. help understanding tep_image_submit
  202. question about category images on index_nested.php
  203. Thanks for the js setup!
  204. [osCmax v2.5x] How to place "Welcome Guest" greeting module on every page?
  205. way to uninstall google site map after installing it?
  206. shopping_cart.php shows < symbols in some browsers
  207. [osCmax V2.0.25] edit Manufacturers page
  208. [osCmax v2.5x] Installing SiteMonitor v2.8 not quite working.
  209. [osCmax V2.0.25] wish list infobox error message
  210. social bookmarks
  211. Change address form text colour
  212. feature request - external links for information page listing
  213. [osCmax v2.5x] looking for Zoomer settings in admin
  214. [osCmax v2.5x] feature request - feature products optional for detailed product page
  215. SSL Problems
  216. [osCmax v2.5x] myQBi on 2.5 Beta-1 troubleshooting (establish install guide changes)
  217. [osCmax v2.5x] Google checkout / oscmax 2.5 beta2 not wolrking
  218. [osCmax v2.5x] Hide categories from groups oscmax 2.5 beta 2
  219. category images not showing
  220. [osCmax v2.5x] Thinking about A/B testing
  221. Feature Request - Single location email templates.
  222. [osCmax v2.5x] download sample tactics
  223. feature request - search for multiple categories at one time
  224. Learning Guide to building Modules
  225. feature request - add extra fields to contact form page
  226. feature request for v2.6 - add extra product fields to product listing pages
  227. tip for changing infobox titles without touching english/core.php
  228. [osCmax V2.0.25] EU Date Format
  229. jqzoom on 2.0.15
  230. [osCmax V2.0.25] Redeem discount coupon
  231. [osCmax V2.0.25] Variable Shipping Rates by State
  232. [osCmax V2.0.25] SSI Menu Template
  233. [osCmax V2.0.25] Need help ! Website will not publish ! "illegal template directory"
  234. [osCmax V2.0.25] Hack/Patch: Manufacturer's Description
  235. [osCmax V2.0.25] Altering code to work from a different directory
  236. [osCmax V2.0.25] "new products for %s" appears twice if no new products
  237. Populating Multi-Level Category List for CSS Menu
  238. [osCmax v2.5x] looking for an email company the works with default oscmax
  239. [osCmax v2.5x] request feature - to edit the affiliate info page from the admin
  240. ssl is not working in ie
  241. run uk and itilian laguage
  242. [osCmax v2.5x] set CK editor's default settings to source mode and more
  243. [osCmax V2.0.25] checkout_payment.php page appears incorrectly
  244. [osCmax v2.5x] help with zone taxes by zip
  245. [osCmax v2.5x] tests on downloads and shipped items working well!
  246. [osCmax V2.0.25] Ultimate Seo Urls 5 PRO
  247. feature request - one more field for customer groups
  248. Products dropped from Shopping Cart
  249. wholesale minimum qty purchase requirement?
  250. [osCmax v2.5x] i need to customize in php