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  1. Changing the Product List Layout
  2. UPS tracking numbers in order update
  3. Extra button in Admin Catalog Maybe??
  4. easy populate product description(html or not?) upload
  5. Link Manager II Help
  6. New contribuition - supermarket
  7. duplicating products in same folder?
  8. help hacking check/money order and cod
  9. DOB automatically resets to true
  10. Cloning Table Rate
  11. How to edit the Contact Us page
  12. MoPics Auto Thumbnailer -- With Admin Setting
  13. Customers Wishlist in admin
  14. removing comma from amount
  15. OSCmax and Google Base Data Feed - What's the easiest way?
  16. option to force shipping and billing address match?
  17. lost formatting when changed image
  18. know if residential or commerical address?
  19. box scroll bestsellers not scrolling
  20. bestseller notscrooling
  21. Sales Tax Craziness
  22. Best Sellers not scroling
  23. Can't Get Past checkout_confirmation.php
  24. what happens when product status is blank in an easy populate import?
  25. images instead of text for categories
  26. Custom page
  27. relative to absolute images and css?
  28. New Products Stay On Main Page
  29. Option Types v2.1.3
  30. Bug report? Possible error using Downloadable
  31. Error: Destination not writeable.
  32. Affiliates & Popup Issue
  33. Catalog folder
  34. help with order listings in admin
  35. Why would an ampersand & do this?
  36. Invoice & tax number
  37. customer address state spacing
  38. please could i have some help?
  39. Moving revies to category pages
  40. reserve yours today mod
  41. osCMax 2.xx and beyond
  42. Hide categories and show only specific sub-cat on left column
  43. Sending Coupon Error
  44. events addon
  45. Looking for contrib to pull customer up by name & view past orders
  46. 2.0.4 Coupons, Vouchers & Affiliates
  47. Attributes as Radio Buttons not working.
  48. How do you associate products with categories?
  49. Tweak Needed Please: Discount Coupons > Email
  50. would feed machine install on oscmax?
  51. formatting has screwed up
  52. promotional products
  53. search for product in orders?
  54. Custom order instruction
  55. Use graphical buttons for Categories?
  56. Click to Enlarge > Replace with Add to Cart
  57. Page Width... Help!
  58. Add Product Picture and Link to Checkout_Confirmation.php Page
  59. Send Email To Customers - FSK Editor Connector
  60. product attributes
  61. template help, please
  62. "array" question
  63. CardSave Integration
  64. understanding multistore?
  65. bts mutliple template help
  66. help porting Hide products from customer groups for SPPC
  67. Bestsellers Listed with Photos?
  68. Up The Creek WO/Paddle After Trying to Add Dynamic Page!
  69. Link color in cssfluid1 template
  70. Template help
  71. Automatic Recover Cart Email
  72. No Payment Method Showing On Checkout
  73. New Dynamic Page Help
  74. image auto resize to fit screen width
  75. Border around images
  76. NYS Sales Tax
  77. osCommerce template for osCMax
  78. Product special price
  79. default settings for dynamic mo pics?
  80. security patches required for 2.03?
  81. Gift Voucher FAQ typos
  82. when will oscmax 2.1 be release?
  83. Help with URL structure
  84. Duplicate Order Problem
  85. Top 10 Manufacturers Sidebox
  86. New info box
  87. Info Box Controller is blank in Admin
  88. possible bug?? SPPC admin/orders.php
  89. Index Redirect to Category Page
  90. Converting your store to be UK based
  91. Installing Mopics
  92. Query in Create Order
  93. Shipping Option that is only visible to Customer Group
  94. Customer Details - DOB issue
  95. Sending Custom Information To Order
  96. Sub-Categories as Section Headers
  97. Top logo
  98. PayPal Express Checkout, missing token error
  99. Easy Call for Price Tweak- is this possible? How?
  100. Default Payment Selection
  101. One purchase per customer?
  102. Assign a SKU to a Chosen Product Attribute
  103. $status_id?
  104. add batch checkboxs to the admin order page
  105. Checkout issue
  106. Qty box on category page listings?
  107. Scrolling Twitter interface?
  108. Working with Info Boxes
  109. zoom images in product listing
  110. I dont want clicking on "Buy Now" to take me to "carte contents"
  111. Quick question on Top link
  112. PHP and $HTTP_GET_VARS
  113. Question making your own template
  114. "wishlist" and "shopping cart" not working
  115. Can I categorise products by multiple criteria?
  116. Infobox crash
  117. Customer Photo Upload
  118. Help with customization! N00b Alert!
  119. Hack Offering: Stopping Whats New from showing items already in cart
  120. Help with urls
  121. Product Quick Links on your index page
  122. add sig to admin/mail.php
  123. Latest Article on index page
  124. Variable Help!!
  125. hide the category name under the images
  126. GoogleMaps On your osCmax website
  127. New Admin Page, not in File List but is there
  128. Change the order numbers
  129. Another (But Related) Variable Issue!
  130. AJAX images: clic opens image slider in ajax
  131. Results in Grid on Advanced Search Result
  132. Horizontal menu with dynamic sub menu
  133. Modules Compatibility
  134. More categories boxes with CSS menu, possible?
  135. Reviews in Product Page
  136. Banner Hack: An easier method?
  137. Product Attributes Option Type
  138. Payment Gateway Help
  139. Request Quote
  140. Could much of this be done using oscmax?
  141. Hack: Contact Us page
  142. Products Extra Field 2_0j
  143. Transparency Issue
  144. Spanish Translation
  145. Revisting the install time configuration parameters
  146. admin sending mail adds extra spaces
  147. Adding Manufacturers to Title of page
  148. PayPal Accepted infoBox
  149. changing a buy now button to an add to cart button in product list
  150. Some questions about customizing osCMAX
  151. point and reward
  152. Change menus with template
  153. custom csv output needed
  154. Each box a different colour, is this possible?
  155. Order Number on Success Page
  156. Best Price updater from desktop
  157. box colors
  158. Move Specials Table from center to right?
  159. Browse products?
  160. Manufacturer in invoice & packing slip
  161. Option Types Feature ... progress update
  162. Categories on front page
  163. NetBanx Payment Module
  164. Fancier invoice
  165. How do I add Search Query to advanced_search_results.php page title?
  166. Tutorial: Creating SEO Friendly Search Pages
  167. add date_paid to amount_paid in pdf?
  168. add date paid to amount paid on pdf
  169. Looking for anyones opinion on exporting orders
  170. Credit Card with CVV not showing in admin
  171. admin categories menu
  172. Hack: Packing Slip as (windowed) Postal Label
  173. Clear Customer Basket error
  174. contrib dont show in admin/catalog
  175. adjust logo width, height
  176. add image between menu items
  177. manufacturer dropdown to category listing instead?
  178. I want to track salesmen using osCMax
  179. Shippingzones problem
  180. Is there a mod to track salesman performance?
  181. where to redirect the payment gateway after successful transaction
  182. Sub-Total Problem
  183. Order not seen
  184. coupon 10% order total display misleading
  185. infobox headings as links?
  186. Remove "review" from products
  187. Having trouble with javascript
  188. Help with Product background?
  189. Individual Product Order Total Fee costomization
  190. Netbanx Card Payment Gateway
  191. Review box not showing
  192. Color & Size Option
  193. Product price by single or box
  194. Changed Icons, Website is now a blank white page
  195. Retrieve Affiliates Infobox
  196. Delete Multiple Products Yet?
  197. PreFill Data Fields?
  198. dhtml menu not displaying content
  199. New Products for 'month
  200. No Shipping
  201. calculate shipping
  202. Set meta data
  203. how to remove admin index page?
  204. Change New Products for "Month" Text and Background
  205. osCMax 2.0.25 Demo
  206. Sort by Reference
  207. How to increased width menu bar
  208. dynamic page titles
  209. right column not showing in compromise?
  210. move your tell-a-friend box with the compromise template
  211. remove lightbox
  212. trying to use ounces instead of pounds
  213. CSS & CONTENT variable technique with compromise
  214. editing categories, sub-categories layouts
  215. Out of Stock but must be in stock
  216. How to seperate dhtml menu category items with a horizontal line?
  217. quick and dirty way to read thougs little dirty php errors on your store
  218. show category product counts
  219. Create an Account not working
  220. Install OScommerce module into OSCmax
  221. 3 errors I don't know how to fix
  222. Show product picture in Tell A Friend page
  223. ideas for download/shipping text
  224. ideas on newsletter
  225. ideas for payment modules and account history
  226. Order Output in Fixed Length File
  227. looking for custom create account options
  228. Report by payment method for Oscmax?
  229. dropdown content
  230. How to add custom videos?
  231. How to Add Style to the attributes dropdown?
  232. url validation in form_check.js.php
  233. Payment by Credit Card
  234. Welcome 'Guest' or 'User'?
  235. Supplementary International Table Rate Shipping Module
  236. replace buttons with text links
  237. Frame & Background
  238. Call for price ?
  239. Retail AND wholesale display on the product listing page
  240. Purchase Order Module
  241. Problem with a cron job for email
  242. Easy Populate Issue (I think)
  243. PayPal IPNs for Downloadable products
  244. Restoring the City field to create_account
  245. Printable Catalog
  246. Adding Link to Information Box
  247. Compatibility with osCommerce contributions?
  248. Strange Text After Adding To Cart
  249. Text box for attribute
  250. SSL Problem