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  1. How to run php code inside the body
  2. Easypopulate question
  3. Deleting "Gift Vouchers FAQ" from information box
  4. How to remove Wish List, Product Notification, New Products
  5. add to cart button and detail button show on main page
  6. infobox problem
  7. how do we include phone number in the order email?
  8. search engine URLS turned off, but they are showing anyway
  9. SEO meta tags
  10. Image size hack for product pages
  11. Addtional info in order email
  12. PayPal error "Call to a member function on a non-object
  13. Multi shop store module for oscmax
  14. dynamic or manual header tags
  15. check/money order payment mod error!
  16. template modding
  17. Possible security exploit
  18. How to add product text options
  19. need to add timeslots for delivery in orders email
  20. Adding Surrounding Table ??
  21. Price displays different to what is actually Entered
  22. Template Intergration
  23. How to change <index.php>
  24. Template Help "Shopping Cart 0 items"
  25. Layaway Option for OSCMAX RC3
  26. Nochex
  28. Featured Products installation error - HELP please
  29. Changing style for categry links only
  30. How can i turn on the option to enlarge a image
  31. Shipping in shopping cart infobox and OSC checkout flaw.
  32. Remove access to shopping cart
  33. valid XHTML Catalog Side 2.3---is this mod compatible with--
  34. On-Site Banners ~ Simple Code Mod Request
  35. download.php code questions
  36. Ultimate SEO urls upgrade
  37. Want to add a New Banner in my header...
  38. Infobox problem
  39. Import customer with .txt format
  40. Product Attribute Prices Getting Rid of Extra Chars in (+$8)
  41. Address order
  42. How to mod osCMax as same as heavenlyhomedecor.com ?
  43. Froogle Exporter Access Denied message
  44. Help Please Small issue with profuct_info.tpl please help
  45. Gallery Type change
  46. Item/Product onto PayPal Notification
  47. Increase the amount of orders and customers lists in admin
  48. Parse error with Birthday Contrib
  49. Removing requests bar & New Products for Nov, width prob
  50. can anyone tell me how to upload a banner(in laymans terms)
  51. template background
  52. How to list all products on main page
  53. Needing: Attribute Weight, Hide Price if 0, Actual Attribute
  54. Gifts module
  55. Pages jump left and right
  56. removing "Other images for this product", image mi
  57. Individual Shipping not being added
  58. Photoshop PSD files to OSCMax Template
  59. "error on page" messages on all osC pages
  60. Table heading not as wanted
  61. DHTML menu doesn't work. Help!!
  62. Dreamweaver Extensions
  63. QTYpro with EP
  64. shipping mods
  65. customer groups
  66. Integrating a quantity discount contribution
  67. Shopping cart
  68. Can we get some Templates?
  69. Boxes.php various images?
  70. please giv me advise for upgrading Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry 1.8
  71. Missing Product Images
  72. screenshots div?
  73. Problem with CSS images when referenced from HTTPs
  74. Attribute Manager w/ Catagories
  75. Danish language for OSCMAX
  76. Good Attribute Add-on
  77. image headers in info boxes?
  78. customer_testimonials
  79. Advice needed please? Payment options
  80. osCMax Intergration Requests
  81. osCMax Intergration hacks help
  82. customer address required only
  83. Separating and Moving boxes in osCMax "fallback"
  84. Authorize.net and Invoice Number
  85. Google status are not set up in the database
  86. Additional Checkbox upon checkout ADVICE
  87. categories and subcategories
  88. Help with SEO URLs
  89. products not showing
  90. display problem in mozilla firefox
  91. Attributes Manager
  92. Voucher Code Length
  93. Complex Products / Custom Attributes
  94. item description layout.
  95. Shopping Cart Should Update Quantity when clicking Checkout
  96. Add new field to product table
  97. creating users for oscmax
  98. Register Globals Contribution
  99. Order list by manufacturer
  100. osCMax email questions
  101. postaffiliatepro code compatability ?
  102. Printable catalogue Issue
  103. contrib for switching buy it now image for out of stock image?
  104. Can osC Max Do It All?
  105. How can In get around this ebay style shipping request
  106. add Quantity Price Breaks Per Product mod to OSCMAX
  107. Changing Category Name Length
  108. Pop up enlargement
  109. Pushing the Envelope ?
  110. How do Write for a BG Images
  111. Product listing and Attributes
  112. Web designer
  113. Swap Positions of Specials & New Products
  114. How to create custom pages?
  115. New Contributions Ebay Auction LISTER 0.0.2
  116. Where do I turn off order confirmation emails?
  117. template change
  118. dhtml menu problem
  119. fck editor query
  120. price per product attributes
  121. I thought that the list of items in a category would be displayed differently?
  122. Category Image
  123. Sub category lists in Categories.php
  124. Alternative Category Menu Mod For osCMax?
  125. CCV for entire order--getting a warning-please help
  126. OscMax Template Store
  127. adding fields to PWA (purchase without account)
  128. 1054 - Unknown column 'a.authors_id' in 'on clause'
  129. How to bulk upload products with price break
  130. osCMax Templates
  131. PayPal ipn
  132. Template Issues
  133. Ajax - Search Suggest
  134. I am stuck on a code
  135. UPS Indivudally Packaging Items
  136. Product post adding extra character to post
  137. How to add logo.gif to CSS-fluid-1 template
  138. Question - AlgoZone and osCMax Templates
  139. Looking for Image Magic 1.0
  140. banner problem with css-fluid-1
  141. osCommerce Contributions
  142. Removing front admin menu
  143. shipping table rate problem
  144. Product Listing Sort Icons
  145. products_new.tpl.php
  146. Push to E-Bay Contribution Planned
  147. Admin Page - Product Edit Image Display size?
  148. BluePay 2.0!
  149. Ajax Attribute Manager
  150. Text Color
  151. Mod to have very simple product listing?
  152. Sub categories not in CSS file?
  153. Discount Coupons by State
  154. customer search function NEVER worked properly
  155. Quantity Table
  156. Show coupon in product list & give referrer 10%
  157. Modules
  158. Ezier Extra fields
  159. How to modify the Search box?
  160. Help with Contribution?
  161. New Info Box (Google Checkout)
  162. ARGH Where did the code go?
  163. How do I get additional pages to show up in the admin
  164. Proceed Directly to Checkout
  165. FCK Editior Product Description
  166. pay flow pro error 21
  167. need advice from the pros
  168. osmax e-mail problem
  169. Uploading File Using Easy Populate
  170. Does anybody have a newsletter box that works with oscmax?
  171. Dutch language for v2
  172. Call for price
  173. Secure SSL
  174. Infobox Color Help please
  175. Being logged off after searching admin site
  176. Secure SSL problem
  177. Reward Points Install Problem
  178. configuration.php translation
  179. RC2 design in RC3 engine compatibles ?
  180. using Easy Populate & the products show in the 'New Products For %s" table?
  181. Shipping Questions
  182. Remove Mo Pics
  183. Paypal WPP conflicting with PWA?
  184. How to hide shopping cart when empty?
  185. How to get the full template to show up?
  186. Has anyone installed the Complete Reviews System Mod?
  187. Hack Offering: Put order number in email notification Subject: line
  188. osC Forums contribution -- anyone used one that's good?
  189. Number of New Products
  190. Define MainPage WYSIWYG
  191. Categories Images on Home Page
  192. Meta Tags oscmax & RC 2.0
  193. Move loginbox?
  194. Prices - how to remove?
  195. osCMax v2 also Polish
  196. don't display price
  197. How can I make a dropdown box bigger in size?
  198. Contrib 1517 ?? order-drop-down in oscMax?
  199. Create text area
  200. Downloadable product as an attribute still shows weight in shipping page
  201. Login Page problem with images
  202. Add Printer Friendly Page to Static Pages?
  203. products_weight on product_info.tpl.php ?
  204. Easy Populate my email addresses
  205. Question on the templates...
  206. tep_draw_input_field -Location? customize? where?
  207. Highlight search results
  208. What does "tep_" mean in all the functions
  209. accidentally renamed a template! HELP!
  210. How do i create a search drop down menu with multiple fields?
  211. Beginner needs Help...
  212. the ORIGINAL loginbox.php is WHERE?
  213. Customization - Inputfields?? totally php style newbie!
  214. Loginbox and My account info problem.
  215. productlisting/productinformation???
  216. It doesn't get any easier??
  217. Google Adwords Tracking
  218. Products Listing creates extra column
  219. Need help in categorizing my items by vehicle make/year/model. (Car Part Store)
  220. Discount levels needed
  221. PHPBB OSC Bridge or any other PHPBB Integration
  222. Troubleshooting bold and centered text?
  223. grabbing data from osC pages and posting on HTML page
  224. Wer kann mir eine Version installieren mit weiteren Erweiterungen gegen bezahlung!
  225. Disable Affiliate Module
  226. Disable Date/"Requests Since"
  227. Adding a class to productlisting images??! [PHP newbie!]
  228. In SERIOUS need of help now!
  229. Show both Full Retail AND wholesale pricing to whole sale customers?
  230. form checking javascript help?
  231. how would i put an Image in the left or right columns
  232. Password Reminder Emails
  233. Show Specials as an info box on main page
  234. Adding new pages into cart
  235. Remove New Products For Month & Where to Put Javascript
  236. Can customers can add their "price"?
  237. Email export list
  238. Product Tabs , for some reason i have 2 Product descriptions
  239. How to change lenght (product_models)? help please
  240. Wholesale price shows in uindex but not product_info page
  241. Attribute Percentage V_1.0
  242. how to specify the categories.php?
  243. Order Source tracking
  244. Extra Product Information Mod
  245. Minimum Product Quantity with Admin v1.5
  246. Need Mod/add-on/Contribution
  247. WebService module (or E-xact module)
  248. Need help changing page width..
  249. Monster Templates to OSCMax
  250. Change in UPS XML Shipping Method