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  1. Customization of info boxes
  2. How to access and edit Welcome and Order emails?
  3. Set Product Page Image Size
  4. need help converting a template
  5. How would I move the 'add to cart' toolbar above?
  6. replacement images available for OSMAX_top and OSMAX_top_low
  7. Removing category pictures
  8. need help locating this line of code
  9. GV - Coupon repair & setup thread
  10. where can i find templates
  11. templates
  12. Compatible with OS CRM apps?
  13. How to add new pages in mod to BTS
  14. Fedex Automated Labels
  15. anyone know where I can change email for order status
  16. Permission denied in easypopulate.php
  17. OSCMax contribution section??
  18. How can I optimize my site for the best search engine result
  19. Price isn't setting
  20. A tough need to fill HELP!
  21. attributes how to use them
  22. Where is the code for the default product menu?
  23. Remove newsletter
  24. Another warning for me!
  25. WYSIWYG editor for added pages in catalog section of admin
  26. Another one from me... (css this time)
  27. how to make popup window scrolling?
  28. Point of Sale program that will use Oscmax database?
  29. UltraPics Integration
  30. modifing credit card module
  31. how to change color/size of links within main page
  32. Converting a WhoIs Modification
  33. Online Button generator for OSC/MS2MAX
  34. How to change the image size on product page?
  35. order number
  36. i really need help hiding empty categories
  37. Can anyone assist in this catalog/index change please
  38. Help with some CSS
  39. Please help me !!!
  40. How to parse PHP inside product description
  41. admin order page problem
  42. county,state
  43. create new customer account email
  44. files to edit don't exist on our server - there's more
  45. Sort by price?
  46. Infoboxes don't change from within the Admin
  47. Validation in admin
  48. enlarge pictures problem
  49. Change Header Link
  50. modifing meta_tags.php to help search results?
  51. changing colors; cant find colum color in stylesheet
  52. Authorize.net setup
  53. Large conversion of OSCMAX Questions
  54. OSCommerce Contribs that work
  55. Modifying Infoboxes - Using a Template too
  56. Order Update link incorrect
  57. Defect: Edit/New Address (modules/address_book_details.php)
  58. Integrating IdevAffiliate Affiliate Module
  59. help removing underlines from links
  60. help removing 1px space separating infobox header/contents
  61. Price on Product info page
  62. Getting rid of the dropdown boxes for 'State'...
  63. Can I change size of Geotrust box image?
  64. Pay Pay notification Product Name
  65. Strange border around text inside infobox contents
  66. osC conversion: osC2.1 --> osCMax2
  67. adding cvv code to credit card module
  68. affiliate sign up
  69. Product Attributes Mod?
  70. PayPal Website Payments Pro
  71. Linking an external product to store.
  72. Different category templates?
  73. how to make product listing in line
  74. New User Question on Look_Feel
  75. How to remove a module
  76. No categories, just products, on main page, with dropdowns
  77. Add items to shopping cart outside store.
  78. osCMAX + Joomla bridge
  79. SQl Query error
  80. Adding Category Descriptions in Category List for each Cat.
  81. How do you create a test site?
  82. Actual Price v1.0 working...
  83. Can't use descriptions with WYSIWYG editor off
  84. replace HEADING_TITLE with category title
  85. Adding an additional shipping table
  86. QuickBooks Install in V2
  87. How to add a banner or text on my header picture?
  89. adding a contribution to bts, is it too complicated?
  90. where is the footer file?
  91. MOD Country-State Selector
  92. admin notes - highly recomended contrib
  93. swf into the top
  94. Attribute manager - sorting attributes on SELECT
  95. customer primary address not set when new account created?
  96. looking for contribu help
  97. Change order number
  98. Found a Guestbook that works in oscmax
  99. Default Paypal IPN Module
  100. authorize.net emails not received
  101. how to remove registration and login
  102. How to set Create Account - Country - to UK default
  103. admin > create order > add product
  104. How to Convert standard OSC template to Max2 ??
  105. Coppermine Gallery into OSCMAX
  106. Add on Mods
  107. Items viewable to registered memebers only?
  108. Volume discounts
  109. UPS and UPS-XML Modules - Interesting
  110. osCMax v2 demo available?
  111. Hide/Suppress Specials and New Products
  112. Replace Main page with Printable Catalog
  113. EasyPopulate only recognizes first line
  114. WYSIWYG Editor with New Static Pages
  115. Remove total from 'cart contents' box
  116. Error opening admin/customers.php for editing
  117. FCKeditor 2.2
  118. templating tutorials
  119. remove "buy now" if QTY =0
  120. Removing thumbnails of products?
  121. Sage Line 50
  122. Separate header into three boxes
  123. Move Left Column Down
  124. errors i have.
  126. Please help.
  127. Article Search?
  128. Prepay for items using a balance system???
  129. quick techie question about product_listing_col.php
  130. Currency xchange OSC -> 2CO - Need Help
  131. How to disable advanced search?
  132. Which page do I edit for results of product display
  133. Suggestion for a contrib for rush orders?
  134. How to change number of columns inside category listing
  135. Added a new static page
  136. Product Sort Order
  137. Points value are not enough to cover the cost of your------
  138. Remove line "This product was added to our catalog on &
  139. where is the content for the My account info box set?
  140. User tracking with admin!
  141. New infobox display at wrong place
  142. Suggestion to fix the magic quotes "back" button i
  143. Worldpay Price dependant payment module
  144. SSL symbol vanishes when I edit a template
  145. worldpay module problem
  146. validating if the user really paid
  147. Will pay someone to help me with something
  148. PayPal IPN Problem
  149. Customer Purchase Order
  150. Getting error when using credit card module
  151. Credit card module
  152. How do I add a new infopage such as about_us.php
  153. how to get the order total on checkout_success.php ?
  154. order_info.php minor html problems
  155. Problem with new products for _Month_ -
  156. How do I change the time displayed please?
  157. Having problems with Authorizenet payment mod anyone else?
  158. Click to enlarge-replace text with button.
  159. Must register to view prices.
  160. display shipping total in Admin/orders
  161. meta tags
  162. Mysql error in article manager
  163. International FedEx Shipping
  164. Add Column Info Box
  165. Need Help for Event Calendar Getting Error
  167. removing new products from the front page of the store
  168. "easy discount" anyone?
  169. Which shopping cart should I use? Please help.
  170. PC Pro Creator
  171. Site went down
  172. Can I use osCMax/Oscommerce in a different way?
  173. popup_image.php error log entry
  174. Where do I remove these parenthesis?
  175. how do i change the home link to link to somewhere else?
  176. index_default.tpl.php - Edit New Products Table Look & F
  177. filter results
  178. Getting MVS to work with osCMax
  179. FAQ System for OSCmax 2.0+ changes to BTS
  180. how do i change the TOP link to link to a different page
  181. Reviews infobox on store frontpage?
  182. module from osc to oscmax
  183. Remove System "osCMax v2.0" from part of search r
  184. Link to an external page
  185. Google-Analytics
  186. Anyone use Product Attributes Sort Order?
  187. Easy Call for Price v1: currencies.php, bug
  188. fedex and free shipping
  189. meta tags controller
  190. products and category pages
  191. Remove Some Fedex Options
  192. I need some help
  193. templating: osCommerce vs. osMax 2.x vs. ZenCart
  194. Discount per quantity vs pricing group
  195. OSC048 Template Help
  196. USA EPay?
  197. Edit text in Confirmation e-mail?
  198. Anyone With E-Path?
  199. Multi Stores contrib in OsC Max-Is it possible?
  200. Product per page??
  201. Discount coupon with SPPC
  202. New infoboxes don't appear in page..
  203. Help with QTY box on product_listings.
  204. Difficulty trying to integrate "Add Multi Products Revi
  205. Tell a Friend feature
  206. Failed to translate Master Products to osCMax v2.0
  207. Product Listing MOD
  208. Tweaking the layout?
  209. Shipping problem
  210. Changing index.php
  211. increase the weight field
  212. Less Fedex Shipping Options
  213. Fedex thermal labels
  214. Shipping page skipped on certain products
  215. Attributes as Radio Buttons instead of Drop Downs Not Workin
  216. Deleting products_stock, options, and values in mysql
  217. RSS feed for OSCMAX RC3 (working)
  218. Boxes and left column help please
  219. Templates?
  220. Editing but wheres>?
  221. Wrong value sent to paypal
  222. HELP!!! Check Out - pending
  223. Manufacturer to show in meta tag on product pages?
  224. Trying to get Add A Master Password contrib to work
  225. Stock not adjusting on purchase
  226. display checkout_shipping and checkout_payment in one side
  227. Validate Before Adding to Cart
  228. Using Max for multiple stores - database problems
  229. checkout_process.php goes blank after using paypal
  230. Sub categories not in CSS file?
  231. RC3 french language package
  232. modifying product displays on the main page
  233. Credit Card Verification Number
  234. Email from Admin with Attachment?
  235. banner problem
  236. Getting MVS into stock oscMax install
  237. Templates or Themes
  238. Error Column Banner v1.0
  239. Lay-out mainpage header and products
  240. GUI editor program for PHP
  241. templates problem
  242. 1054 - Unknown column 'a.authors_id' in 'on clause'
  243. Using Dhtml but still see the New Products for in main cat.
  244. link to modules
  245. Specials Infobox Misbehaving
  246. Which page to edit for manufacturer product display?
  247. BTS 1.5 seems like a step backward ...
  248. hard to edit template!
  249. discount for quantity with per product
  250. Anyone have FEATURED PRODUCTS installed?