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  1. [osCmax v2.5x] feature request - for the add_to_cart button on product_info to be on top of page too
  2. feature request - add more style sheet classes on the product listing page
  3. Good way to mass adjust the stock.
  4. osCMax offering Free Shipping (configuration?)
  5. [osCmax v2.5x] Image Manager enhancement. Now you can generate only missing images.
  6. [osCmax v2.5x] batch print center broken in oscmax 2.5
  7. html template
  8. [osCmax v2.5x] feature request - email notification for new customers should include url
  9. [osCmax v2.5x] open featured set help
  10. Categories: Top Level boxes
  11. [osCmax v2.5x] After installing Points and Rewards install not showing payment module
  12. [osCmax v2.5x] question about advance_search
  13. feature request - add products to advanced_search_result.php
  14. Banner ads not showing
  15. [osCmax V2.0.25] Top / Catalog page issue
  16. [osCmax V2.0.25] hide new product button in parent category in admin
  17. Product description tabs flash on page load... what was that trick?
  18. Klarna payment module does not show up as an option
  19. Trying to set URL as snapshot.
  20. [osCmax v2.5x] Select Product On Custom Checkout Page?
  21. Tax ID REQUIRD -- help!!
  22. Adding telephone to "contact us" form
  23. Layout error on checkout_payment page in 'compromise' template.
  24. prevent hotlinking of images
  25. [osCmax v2.5x] osCmax 2.5 upgrade & SagePay module questions
  26. [osCmax V2.0.25] Hide "access denied" menubox/file links in the admin panels
  27. Compromise template....how to change the header?
  28. Adding InfoBoxes in v2.5 in Admin & Catalog Sides
  29. [osCmax V2.0.25] discount
  30. how to pass a costumized hidden field to other funtions in osc?
  31. [osCmax v2.5x] Multi Vendor Shipping
  32. [osCmax V2.0.25] How to link to another domian using the TOP button?
  33. [osCmax v2.5x] Tax By Zip
  34. [osCmax v2.5x] Change Store Pick-Up Times
  35. [osCmax V2.0.25] How to integrate propay in osCmax?
  36. SPPC - Allowng Customer to Choose Their Group in "Create Account"
  37. [osCmax v2.5x] Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance
  38. [oscmax v2.0.25] password protect admin via .HTACCESS
  39. [osCmax v2.5x] point and rewards module problem
  40. Cheaters 2nd address line method
  41. 1146 - Table 'dbname_oscmax.TABLE_PAYPAL_IPN' doesn't exist
  42. [osCmax V2.0.25] Page width changes
  43. [osCmax V2.0.25] How to increase the field size of Product Name in the admin? DESPERATELY NEEDED FEATURE!
  44. Help needed in installing First Data API in oscmax 2.0
  45. [osCmax v2.5x] russian language
  46. [osCmax v2.5x] Help Showing All Products in Category & Subcategories
  47. Purchase Order Module
  48. Multiple shipping address V2
  49. must accept Terms and conditons problems
  50. [osCmax V2.0.25] Google un-indexed my pretty URLs. What happened?
  51. formattig the order notification email in 2.0.25
  52. [osCmax v2.5x] Check Permissions modification for v2.5beta3
  53. oscMax Admin reports configure.php as writeable when it is not
  54. [osCmax v2.5x] Feature suggestion: Price from...
  55. [osCmax v2.5x] product attributes drop down lists
  56. [osCmax v2.5x] Site Monitor and Check Permissions combined
  57. [osCmax V2.0.25] top navigation menu and left side category customization question
  58. [osCmax v2.5x] Change text in Css inquiry
  59. [osCmax V2.0.25] Eway Payemnt.
  60. [osCmax V2.0.25] Hosting product images (and other assets) on subdomains?
  61. Upgrading security - trying to setup SSL - Wiki not clear enough (to me)...for V2.0.25
  62. oscmax 2.5 seo v5 makes categories 404 not found?
  63. [osCmax v2.5x] Ask a Product Question - forbidden error
  64. [osCmax V2.0.25] Florida Tax Mod to work with osCmax
  65. [osCmax V2.0.25] Featured Products not shown in Admin
  66. display subcategories in category box on all pages
  67. [osCmax V2.0.25] Shopping cart not updating properly
  68. SEO URLs
  69. unused files
  70. Calling products_id in script-PowerReviews
  71. coupon discount voucher by brand?
  72. [osCmax v2.5x] Mod: Having more than one category menu box.
  73. [osCmax v2.5x] adding new info box problem
  74. Shopping cart does not merge quantity of the same item properly after login
  75. [osCmax V2.0.25] DESPERATE: Need help with a mod_rewrite rule.
  76. [osCmax V2.0.25] admin catalog/products faster query mod?
  77. Australian Shipping Module language display error
  78. CKEditor Image Upload
  79. [osCmax V2.0.25] New Box, Alter Box content
  80. [osCmax V2.0.25] Hack: Restricted Articles
  81. Google analytics
  82. [osCmax V2.0.25] Points & Rewards Module to v2.0.25
  83. [osCmax V2.0.25] Add Text Field or Combo Box to Checkout Page
  84. [osCmax V2.0.25] search box results
  85. county/state dropdown
  86. [osCmax V2.0.25] Hack: Email Confirmation
  87. SPPC - Discount price chart on front-end
  88. [osCmax v2.0.35] osCmax Template - Free099
  89. [osCmax v2.0.35] osCmax Template - Free050
  90. [osCmax v2.0.35] osCmax Template - Free009
  91. [osCmax V2.0.25] Sagepay 3013 : The Description is missing. Urgent help needed!!!
  92. [osCmax V2.0.25] free shipping
  93. [osCmax V2.0.25] Country Code for Germany
  94. deferred payment/reservation system module?
  95. [osCmax V2.0.25] would like to insert slideshow that's in 2.5 to 2.0.x
  96. products sort order
  97. Is there a pendant to product_info for categories?
  98. [osCmax 2.0.15 or Older] Anti Robot Registration Validation
  99. What is the link to a new information page?
  100. [osCmax V2.0.25] eBay Synchronisation
  101. [osCmax V2.0.25] Sending visitors to an affiliate offer.
  102. In Create an Account how do i remove "Your Address" and all fields in that section?
  103. YMM contribuion for osCmax
  104. Looking for multiple item shipping - 1 cost z - 2 cost z1 - 3 cost z2 etc
  105. [osCmax V2.0.25] free shipping for only one customer group
  106. [osCmax V2.0.25] Russian end Ukrainian language
  107. [osCmax V2.0.25] Photo or picture increase
  108. [osCmax V2.0.25] Free shipping question
  109. [osCmax V2.0.25] specials appear twice
  110. [osCmax 2.0.15 or Older] Custom Meta Tags for Individual Product Categories
  111. [osCmax V2.0.25] Find article URL
  112. [osCmax V2.0.25] Product thumbanil in checkout confirmation
  113. [osCmax V2.0.25] OScmax Products communicating with Facebook
  114. Can I remove final two zeros from price column?
  115. SEO urls not updating to new category name
  116. Adding an image map to make the buttons clickable
  117. Stock Status next to thumbnail in admin/category.php
  118. OscMax V2.0 RC3 How to adding multiple images via Admin Panel??
  119. Determining and getting hold of old versions
  120. How do I change the width of my site? v2.0.25
  121. Editing admin/*.php files in Dreamweaver - how can one defeat the admin login page on localhost?
  122. [osCmax V2.0.25] Affiliate Program - Edit Affiliate Account
  123. [osCmax 2.0.15 or Older] KissMT Meta Tags--- Anyone Successfully Installed This on 2.0?
  124. Information on Menu Bar
  125. Adding A Text Field
  126. Trying to install SMART CHECKOUT
  127. [osCmax v2.0.35] Trying to Display Full Price instead of Attribute Value
  128. Does anyone know how to add a text area
  129. [osCmax V2.0.25] Having trouble installing Google_Adsense_Box_v1.1d
  130. [osCmax 2.0.15 or Older] Should we upgrade?
  131. [osCmax V2.0.25] You Save $x.xx (xx%)
  132. Product Filter list on specials.php
  133. Menu Question
  134. Show Category in products page
  135. Same DB but different shipping modules for Country difference site.
  136. RGISTER GLOBALS ON in osCMax v2.0 RC3
  137. [osCmax 2.0.15 or Older] Add facebook tracking pixel to specific product page
  138. [osCmax v2.0.35] Contextual Meta Tags depending on the language
  139. [osCmax v2.0.35] Chrome/Chromium Browser Mixed Content Bug
  140. Moving the tabs at the top of the web page to the left side of the page
  141. mobile template