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Thread: osCMax v2.0.1 Stable Released

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    osCMax v2.0.1 Stable Released

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    Default osCMax v2.0.1 Stable Released

    osCMax V2.0.1

    This is a bugfix patch release to correct bug #282
    282: QT Pro: End Changed Code - Bug Tracker - open source Commerce Maximized :: osCMax

    It is recommended that you update your v2.0.0 stores with this fix.

    Attached is a zip file containing the fixed template file. Simply download, unzip and upload the folder to the catalog directory. The file replaced is /templates/fallback/content/shopping_cart.tpl.php.

    To manually fix the bug, see the bugtracker link above, as instructions are posted there.
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    Michael Sasek

    osCmax 2.5.4 is now available via auto-installation using Softaculous!

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