Fix for bug# 185 - Orders only showing one product when multiple products are ordered

I have attached a zip that contains the checkout_process.php with the above two fixes in it [URL=""]Here[/URL]. This thread also references this bugtracker issue: [URL=""]185: multiple items in an order result in only 1 product in the order details[/URL] I have updated the bugtracker with this resolution as well. [quote] I had the same problem on a (now modified) fresh install of the RC3 package. I knew I didn't edit the checkout_process.php page, and didn't understand why my "other customers purchased" module wouldn't work. Once in the orders in the admin I noticed only the first product was being added to orders.... Has to be a bad loop. Anyway, long story short I got it fixed and don't believe it can possibly work on anyone elses server as is. Looks like simply typo from removing some obsolete code from the RC2 version... This seems pretty important and should probably be merged and re-released for download. Two very small edits: 1) Around line 162: end bracket is commented -- remove backslashes on beginning of line. from " // } " to " } " 2) Delete end bracket around line 365. ( } )[/quote]
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