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osCMax Development Update : Order Editor, Manual Order Maker

Code Updates


Today the Order Editor and Manual Order Maker in the osCMax admin panel were fully updated in the RC4 development branch. This code can be obtained from the SVN repository .


osCMax Development Update : Fully updated installer, Easypopulate and more

Weekly Update

Continuing the trend of more commits to the SVN repository for osCMax RC4, I have finished updating the installer for osCMax.


osCMax Install Script update : register_globals off

I am just about finished the code changes to update the osCMax installer to no longer require register globals to be on.

osCMax Development and updates

Greetings to all the osCMax community members and visitors!

I will be posting updates regarding osCMax development in my osCMax blog. You will be able to keep up to date on all the important osCMax happenings without having to sift through the forums for hours.

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