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osCmax V2.1 - One Page Checkout and List/Grid view

osCmax development continues on version 2.1, and I have more cool new features to share with you. Things are happening quickly these days, and there are so many new features and functions it is hard to keep up. If you want daily development updates, I suggest following the project on twitter @osCmax. It is the best way to keep current with what we are working on. 

Because there are so many new additions, I will be covering a couple per day so that I can explain them more fully and keep the articles short and to the point. So, here we go with the two features I am covering today, One Page Checkout system and a new Product Listing display control.

The One Page Checkout system is a major reworking of the standard osCmax checkout process. Instead of spanning multiple pages, the entire checkout process is handheld on a single page, with no page loads occurring using jQuery to handle the heavy lifting.

The process is simple and straightforward, and has been fully integrated into the template system. There are controls to customize the look of the checkout page in the admin panel that allow you to turn the side columns on or off. Additionally there is a custom column that can be enabled only on the checkout page. 

The layout of the checkout page can be further customized with other admin controls that allow you to display the shipping and billing addresses horizontally or vertically, next to each other.

I could go on describing it, but I think screen-shots will work better here. I have taken shots of the different layouts so you can see what the the different display options are. Check them out in the gallery.

Next, we have a new catalog feature for customers. It is a simple toggle on the page to allow the customer to change the way products are listed in the store. All customers have different preferences so now they can change the look of the pages to better suit their shopping style. With a single click they can change the listings from a grid view to a list view. This is a seemingly small addition, but it allows the customer to gain further control over their shopping experience without being intrusive. 

These two features are great additions to the osCmax package and really punctuate the focus on usability for the v2.1 release. I will be writing  about more new features every day this week and hope to cover the majority of new features coming in osCmax's much anticipated version release.

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