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osCMax v2.0.25 Released

Click here to download:
oscmax_v2_0_25_patch.zip (1010 KB)

We at the osCmax development team are pleased to release the next scheduled maintenance package of osCmax today. This release clears the few bugs that did not get resolved in the previous release. Additionally, the wysiwyg editor has been replaced with CKEditor. It is a big improvement over the old FCKEditor and we think you will really enjoy the increase in speed and usability.

We are releasing a full download package and an update patch for all 2.0.15 users. The patch only contains the files that have been changed/added in the new version and a database update script to make the update as quick and easy as possible.

The full package can be downloaded here: http://www.oscmax.com/project/osCMax

The upgrade patch is attached to this page at the top for download.

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