osCMax v2.0.25 coming this week

The scheduled maintenance release of osCmax v2.0x will be posted later this week. A few new bugs found in 2.0.15 have been fixed as well as some fixes that didn't make it into the last release due to time constraints.

Bugs Fixed

- 0000366: [Admin Behavior] EasyPopulate for SPPC (michael_S) - resolved.
- 0000361: [Admin Behavior] New Admin Member Email (michael_S) - resolved.
- 0000370: [Installation/Installer] Affiliate Configuration Wrong on Installation / Also duplicated (michael_S) - resolved.
- 0000368: [Catalog Behavior] State Selector in Create Account page (michael_S) - resolved.
- 0000362: [Checkout/Payment Modules] When using paypal, Order ID is always 0 in the gift voucher queue (michael_S) - resolved.
- 0000374: [Catalog Behavior] Templates - Compromise and AABox need updates to correctly use current feature set (michael_S) - resolved.
- 0000365: [Catalog Behavior] create_account.php : country state selector only installed in fallback template (michael_S) - resolved.
[7 issues]

In addition to the bug fixes, the new release replaces the venerable FCKeditor with the much improved CKEditor. This means a much better editing experience in the admin pages, as well as a huge decrease in page loading time on editor pages. CKEditor also allows tighter  integration with other modules, such as the planned File Manager replacement (not in this release, but in testing now).

Additionally, the included templates AABox and Compromise have both been updated to match the feature set of the default Fallback template. This simply means that all the features and functions available in the Fallback template are now also available in the other templates.

v2.1 Development Update

There has been a lot of activity with the next major release of osCMax. Big changes are coming that I think you will be very pleased with. We are currently finalizing the expected feature set, but are already well on our way with development. Some highlights already completed are the Phone Order system allowing administrators to use their site as a customer service point of sale and the improved SEO categories menu. On the admin side of things, the entire interface is being completely redesigned. We are using jquery to bring the usability to a new level and allow you to squeeze much more productivity out of your time. The final UI has not been decided but to give you an idea of the amount of changes already done, here are a couple screen shots:

As more progress is made, I will be posting more sneak peeks at the new version. Look for release announcement for osCmax v2.0.25 later this week.

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