osCMax Template System explained

There are always a few posts every month in the forums asking the the same basic questions about the osCMax template system.


I wrote a general tutorial on BTS (Basic Template Structure) a while back, but it seems that general is too, well, general for some osCMax users. So, I finally did some digging for a few old tutorials that I remembered from a long time ago and was able to locate them. I also took a few minutes to write several examples of other mostly unknown features of the BTS in osCMax.


The tutorial covers a wide range of subjects, and I will be adding to it over the next few days. Already covered :

  • Converting a standard osCommerce or html template to BTS format 
  • Creating custom main templates (site framework) for specific pages
  • Using custom stylesheets per page


You can read the entire tutorial here:

osCMax BTS Tutorial


Make Custom main templates


Custom stylesheets per page


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