osCMax Development Update : Fully updated installer, Easypopulate and more

Weekly Update

Continuing the trend of more commits to the SVN repository for osCMax RC4, I have finished updating the installer for osCMax.


As of today the RC4 development branch is fully free from any register globals on dependencies. All core components have been updated and barring any new found issues, all the installed mods are also working with register globals off.


With each update we get that much closer to a full RC4 release package.


This week the updates to the RC4 branch include:

RC4 Testers Needed

As the release of RC4 approaches, we need volunteers to help test the new code, and put it through its paces. I have been testing, but it is too big a job for just one person, with the thousands of features in osCMax. I would like any volunteers to join our new RC4 test group and we will start organizing the structure of the testing team.


While I am organizing the initial group setup, I cannot take on the additional responsibility of organizing and managing the testing team, so we are also in need of a team leader to head up this new group. If you are interested in heading up the testing team, or being a member, join the group here: Official osCMax RC4 Testers




Other osCMax News

It is time to shine a light on a few of the little known corners of osCMax.com.


Your own blog?

Did you know that you have your own little corner of osCMax.com reserved for your personal blog? Yep it is true. If you feel the need to express yourself regarding osCMax, or anything else for that matter, feel free to get started today.


To start your very own blog, click on the Blogs link at the top right of the site, just under the welcome bar, and in the left column main menu, look for Blogs >> My Blog link. Click it, and on the new page you will see a link to post a new blog entry. That is all there is to it. Enjoy your new found soap box. Note, you have to be a registered member of osCMax.com, and be logged into your account.



Social Groups?

Yes, a new feature of the site that is being rolled out is the social groups. From your profile page, you can create, join, or leave social groups. The new osCMax Testers group is created using this new site feature. Feel free to create your own groups on whatever topic interests you. Again, you have to be a registered member of osCMax.com and logged in.



Thank you for posting that great message?

So you really appreciate a post someone has made in the forums? Great, but don't post a thank-you message.

Click the little red Thanks button button at the bottom of their post instead!


This may seem foreign to you, but it is very important to our community to prevent discussions from being littered with random thank-you posts, and more so, it allows for our very helpful members to build a visual reputation on their account for being a trustworthy and helpful person. Every time you click the Thank-you button for someone they get a positive bump to their reputation, and you get added to the list of members that thanked them.



Watch for more osCMax updates and news coming soon!


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