osCMax Development Update: Admin Panel Upgrades

Weekly Update 5-4-08

This week, I have put a lot of effort into some of the admin panel features that have not been updated in a very long time. The following have been added or upgraded:


  1. Upgraded FCKEditor (the wysiwyg editor) used in the admin panel.
  2. Upgraded the Download Controller system to the most current
  3. Overhauled the Down For Maintenance system, and integrated it more fully into the fallback and aabox templates.
  4. Upgraded the Admin with Access Levels/login system to the most current code.
  5. Added or upgraded a large amount of payment modules:

    Added Authorize.net Credit Card SIM v1.0
    Added Chronopay v1.0
    Added Paypal Website Payments Pro (US) Direct Payments v1.1
    Added Paypal Express checkout_initialization_method
    Added Paypal Website Payments Standard v1.0
    Added Paypal Website Payments Pro (UK) Direct Payments v1.0
    Added PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK) Express Checkout v1.0
    Added Sofortüberweisung Direkt v1.0
    Added WorldPay Junior v1.0


Updated Offline Credit Card Module

Updated iPayment to official v1.0

Updated Check/Money Order

Updated 2Checkout to official v1.1


I have tested the Paypal Express and Website Payments Pro US versions fairly extensively and they work very well, as does the new Authorize Net Module. Unfortunately I cannot test all the UK modules, but they should also work. Of course, any help testing and feedback is welcome.


In addition to the upgrades for RC4, I have also upgraded the Google Checkout Module for RC3.0.1 to the most current feature set. It is still in beta and needs more testing. Look here to download the new module for testing:

[Beta Module] Google Checkout v1.4.5 upgrade

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