osCMax Development Update 9/17/08

We are nearing a public release of osCMax2.0 RC4. It has been available via the SVN repository for some time now, but not packaged and released for general public usage.


There have been a lot of updates this week that really push the new version closer to being declared stable.


I do not anticipate it taking longer than a couple months to get the rest wrapped up and ready for live site use. Of course, now that I have said that, I have brought the gremlins to full attention! 


Now on to the changes that have been committed to SVN this week:

  • Articles Manager: Upgrade to v1.56 - Fixed all existing PHP5/MySQL5 compatibility issues. 
  • Mod Addition: SEO Url Validation. This update provides input validation for SEO urls, preventing duplicate content.
  • Updated SEO Urls to v2.1d - full support for SEO Article urls
  • Batch Print center updated to 3.13
  • BTS 1.5f cache fix for manufacturers box
  • Wishlist 3.5d final updates.
  • Bugfix #250 - Hardcoded table on /includes/modules/new_products.php
  • Bugfix #253 - Typos on meta_tags.php cause some metas to be short/bad/not optimized
  • Order editor update to - fixed several bugs introduced with the previous update.

While these updates are significant, there is still a lot of work to be done on existing bugs and quite a few more updates to be made.

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