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osCmax Development Update

The fast pace of development for the next osCmax release continues. Since I last posted about development, there have been about 50 commits to the v2.1 source code that cover bug-fixes, tweaks and new features. Even with all of these changes, we still have quite a bit left to fully implement in the code-base, so most of these features are only available for those willing to use the SVN package - usually reserved for the developers and skilled programmers, since the code is changing rapidly and not stable. Regardless, I am quite excited about all the improvements that have been completed and want to share the highlights with you.

  • Increased control over template display has been added to the admin panel. Features include a drop down list of installed templates for easier selection, ability to turn columns on and off, change store width, and change column widths.
  • New Page Module Controller that allows full control over enabling/disabling page modules that display on the main page and product pages, and fine grained control over sort order and adding or removing modules.
  • New user-defined quick links menu in the admin panel allows full customization of the links in the left column so you can personalize the work flow.
  • Installer now has a built in security option to change the default administrator's directory to whatever you specify.
  • Authorize.net payment module has been updated to allow selection of credit cards accepted, and includes invoice number in the transaction sent to Authorize.net.
  • Added admin panel control of manufacturer images that also allows these images to be stored in their own directory.
  • Cleanup of default template and modules for consistent styles, removing deprecated files and images.
  • Several bug-fixes, including and overhaul of the Batch Print Center in the admin panel and about a dozen others - for specific details of each of the commits, see the update list here: osCmax Source Changes

Look for more updates here as we continue to work toward the next major release of osCmax!

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