osCMax Development and updates

Greetings to all the osCMax community members and visitors!

I will be posting updates regarding osCMax development in my osCMax blog. You will be able to keep up to date on all the important osCMax happenings without having to sift through the forums for hours.

If you are a regular visitor to osCMax.com, you have probably noticed the 'Developers' link at the top right of every page. That link will take you to our public code repository, where the source code for osCMax is housed. The code repository is where you can grab the cutting edge development package to get the latest source code.

In order to download the source code from the repository, you will need to get what is known as an SVN (subversion) client. Google it. I will be posting a tutorial about using SVN some time in the near future, but there are already many published that are very helpful.

To keep yourself informed of the latest code updates, use the osCMax SVN change log to monitor all code commits. The change log is here:


Every file that is changed, updated, added or removed is listed, and in line by line detail.

In the last week, I have committed a large amount of changes to the RC4 branch, and it is working great on our development server. I am currently updating the added contributions, payment modules, and fixing as many bugs as I can. RC4 is just around the corner.

Here are the highlights of the changes/updates that have been added to the development version that are not in RC3.0.1:

  • Updated osCMax code base to include all osCommerce online merchant RC2a fixes and preceding updates (RC1 and RC2)
  • Update to Wishlist 3.5 from Wishlist 2.3
  • Installed standard osCommerce Authorize Net AIM 1.0 Module
  • Update Paypal IPN from 1.1 to 2.3.3
  • Update osCAffiliate to v2.8 from 2.02
  • Fixed mysql5 compatibility in Articles


These updates are quite significant and make the catalog and admin fully Register Globals Off compliant in anticipation of PHP5 and 6. The installer still needs to be updated, and several of the mods have some lingering compatibility issues that should be resolved before RC4 is released.

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