New Quick-Links and File Manager for preview

The work on osCmax v2.1 continues to improve the usability of the administrative back end. This week, osCmax developer pgmarshall completed the addition of the new Quick Links feature, which allows the store administrator to set up customized links in the left column. This allows the admin to customize what primary links appear on administrative pages to further streamline your work process. Everybody works differently, and now you can customize the interface to better suit your needs. The image below shows the new left column containing the quick links and the actual Quick-Links management page:

In addition, our initial testing of the new file-manager integration has been completed. The file manager software that will be included in the final osCmax v2.1 package has not been finalized, but several different packages are being considered. The new file-manager will be integrated into all the wysiwyg editors and other sections of the admin panel where a robust file manager is desirable. When the final integration is finished the file manager will be fully integrated into the user management and security system and only allow access to those areas specified by a top administrator. Once the new file manager integration has been completed, it will be included in both the 2.0 and 2.1 versions of osCmax. This means you will not have to do a full upgrade to get the new features if you want to stick with v2.0x for the time being. Getting the new file manager will be a quick and easy patch.

The following images give you a good idea of what to expect:

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