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New osCMax v2.0.3/v2.1 addon mods released

Over the last week I have been releasing a few mods that I converted to osCMax format. They are all very useful mods, and add a ton of features to osCMax

If you follow me on Twitter @osCMax or our visit our Facebook page regularly, you have seen them being released over the last few days. I have compiled a list of all the forum posts so all you have to do is reference this page for links to all the mod.

Also, please take the time to vote in the polls that are posted in each thread, whether or not you want these to become a standard part of the next osCMax release. 

These are the mods/threads:

I will be releasing more mods as I get them packaged up, so be sure to follow me on twitter @osCMax to get up to date release information. Alternately, I announce all releases on our Facebook page too, so be sure to become a fan. If you are old-school and don't do twitter or Facebook, sign up for our newsletter, releases and security mailing lists .

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