More osCmax Usability Improvements Summarized

Last week I covered eight major new featues in osCmax v2.1. Today I am changing gears and summarizing a long list of smaller enhancements that add up to a major improvement to the osCmax package. These are not the only changes added in v2.1, but this is a summary of some of the key minor improvements.

Customer Comments - Fully redesigned and allows admins to make comments on customer orders. The comments are displayed on the orders page as well as the customers page for easy tracking.

Must Accept Terms - This forces a customer to accept your store's terms and conditions and will not allow checkout unless they do. This is optional of course, with an easy switch to turn on or off.

Admin Search Enhancements - Added an AJAX search suggest to universal search. Enhanced the orders search to also include searching by customer's name and company name for a more flexible cross-referenced search.

Google Analytics - Now easily activate Google Analytics tracking with an easy to use admin interface. No code editing required!

Customer Export feature - Now easily and quickly export your entire customer list to a text file.

Phone Order Module - Take phone orders for existing customers using your store front end to complete checkout. No need to login to customer's account anymore, handled automatically via a clean admin interface.

SEO URLs upgrade - Upgraded the seo url system to the v5 release.

SEO Pop-Out Menu - Replaces the old categories box with a brand new pop-out menu system that is readable by search engines and enhances seo greatly. Also reduces categories listing to a single query so it is FAST!

New default template - Completely reworked and redesigned fallback (default) template, including new styles, graphics and buttons. It has been kept very clean for easy customization.

Template system enhancements - Templates are now fully modular. All files can be moved to a template now, so there is no need to modify core files anymore. All buttons, javascript, css and php files can now be placed in your custom template folder, and they will override the default files. 

The HTML-BTS template system has been expanded to incorporate all the new features. It is more powerful, and easier to use than the original BTS system. Using simple drop-in tags you can place all osCmax elements wherever you want them to appear. The feedback has been very positive about the new system as it puts the design control back into your hands.

Bug Fixes - Dozens of enhancements to existing features make the workflow better, improve overall usability of features and fix a lot of little bugs that have been hanging around. Features that have been improved are the Articles manager, Gift Voucher/Coupon system, language translations, Stock tracking, and much more. I will not itemize all the bug fixes here, but they will be posted in the release change log.

I will be covering the Phone Order system and the HTML-BTS template system in more detail this week, as they do add significant changes and really do need more in depth coverage. 

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