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jQuery Slide Show, Product Tabs, more!

This is the third article in this week's series, covering the new features in the yet to be released osCmax v2.1. There has been a strong effort to update the base features of osCmax to include important usability improvements for customers, while allowing store operators to have full control over which of these elements they want to implement.

jQuery Slide Show

Continuing my focus on main page improvements, we have added another module : The jQuery slide show module. This module allows you to add images and text to the slide show and have them appear on the main page, linked to whatever you want, products, categories, articles, external sites, whatever you choose. Configuration options are extensive and include changing the display dimensions, transitions, transition speed, slide intervals, and many more.

Adding images to the slide show is easy and handled from the Slide Show Images Manager. You specify the image name, slide title, link, link target and sort order when adding new images.

This module is fully integrated in to the new osCmax page module manager, so you can specify exactly where this module gets displayed on the main page or enable/disable easily. 

Product Page Rebuild

The product page has been redesigned to utilize several new features. The first is a tabbed description section. From the product creation page on the administrative end, you can enable new tabs by selecting that tab and adding text to it. It will automatically display on the product page. This allows for a very clean and organized page layout without scrolling the page. 

Another addition to the product pages is the image zooming feature called jQzoom. If you hover your mouse over the image, it automatically displays a zoomed detail of the area that you are hovering over. Adding to the image display improvements, if you have multiple images for your product, they are now neatly displayed in a horizontal scroller, underneath the main image. jQzoom works exactly the same on the additional images in the scroller, and of course, all the images still utilize Slimbox to show the full sized image if clicked on. I have provided screen-shots of all these different options so you can see exactly what I am talking about.

Moving to the input buttons on the product page, we have added a quantity box with add/subtract icons to the product page, so customers can specify the quantity of items that they want to add to their cart either by entering the number in the input box or clicking the add/subtract icons. 

Finally, at the bottom of product pages, we have also added modules to display cross-sell products, also purchased products, featured sets and previous/next product navigation buttons. All the new product page modules are enabled, disabled and positioned by the new Page Module Display controls in the store admin panel. Once again, this is aimed at making the product page fully configurable for a store owner while making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

What next?

Tomorrow I will focus a bit on some admin side improvements for store owners, including Quantity Price Breaks per product and customer group and all the new template controls. 

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