Featured Categories and Product Sets in osCmax v2.1

This week I am highlighting new features in the upcoming release of osCmax v2.1 and today I am detailing the new Featured Categories and Featured Product Sets. A little history is in order here. For a long time, the main page of osCmax was fairly static and did not easily allow a shop owner to feature products of their choice. There was a new products module and a specials module, but each has its obvious limitations. One of the most common support requests we received was how to accomplish featuring specific products or categories on the main page. There was no easy answer, until now.

The new featured sets option solves this problem beautifully. A shop owner can create unlimited featured sets and categories and display them on the main page of the store. The display is fully configurable via extensive administrative controls. Position, layout, groupings, valid dates, and design elements are all controlled through an easy visual interface. There is a full configuration section that controls the main options. Additionally there are controls placed on the category and products listing pages in the admin, and on the product and categories detail pages. This makes it easy to add featured sets and categories no matter what your work flow is.

On the catalog side of things, featured products and category sets can be enabled on the main page and positioned using the module manager, so they can be placed wherever you need them. Additionally they can be enabled on the category pages and product detail pages.

My series will continue tomorrow with more cool features and screen shots from the soon to be released osCmax v2.1

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