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Add Multiple Products to Cart in columns for SPPC

We took this contribution originally by Janz and fixed it to work with osCMax rc2



You can now have attributes and quantity boxes on your product listing page as well as be able to set up the page to have one add to cart button for all products and attributes selected or a buy me now button under each product.

FAQ System

This adds a full FAQ system to osCMax. 


Based on FAQ system v.1.0 (adgrafics)

- Multilanguage automatically
- Create questons and answer
- Edit Faq
- Delete Faq
- Activation / DeActivation the Faq
- Change Queue
- View All or to chosen language FAQ (only Admin area)

EZier New Fields

Easy way add retail price in the product_info.php

or some fields like this:

retail price: 89.99
our price: 45.00
you save: 44.99 or 50%


Ported to osCMAx 2.0 100% compatible. 

Product Tabs

Product tabs contribution adds tabs to product pages. See demo Here


Points and Rewards Module ported to osCMax

What does this module do ?

This is a Points and Reawrds system,(more or like a cash back or discount system)

Easy Call for Price v1.0


Easy Call for Price is an easy way to display “Call for Price!” whenever a product’s price is set to 0. Change a couple of values and you can also sell products for $0.00 and display "Call for Price!" for other products.

Only TWO files to modify. Install time is less than 5 minutes.

It works throughout the site, even with other contributions with no additional changes.

Screenshots included for product_info, x-sell, x-sell showing $0.00 and “Call for Price!” and featured_products.

Original Author: Tim Elam (aka Bigredman74)

Ported to osCMax by: jpf

RMA Returns system


This is a complete returns tracking and processing system with integration for the Credit Class GV ssytem for making refunds. Ported and 100% compatible with osCMax.

French Language Pack for osCMax 2.0

This is the French Language pack for osCMax 2.0. This is a full language pack and should have translations for all the new osCMax features. It has been added to the osCMax Languages section and is available for download.

Quickbooks Import QBI

Quickbooks Import QBI aims to be the ultimate tool for tranferring you osCMMax sales into Quickbooks.

a) Imports new invoices and new customers in one iif file
b ) Imports payments with invoices or as sales receipts
c) Can go back and reimport previous invoices
d) Can import all customers or products
e) Converts osC products to QB item groups
f) Converts osC products with attributes to separate QB items
g) Converts osC products with attributes to QB sub-items
h) Converts any osC product to a QB item with a different name
i) Converts osC shipping methods to QB shipping names

osCMax RC 3.0.1 minor update

The RC version has been incremented with a minor maintenance release to fix a few irksome bugs that crept into the RC3 release. These were several syntax errors and a minor DB update to the installer sql file.


The new version is available for download at the osCMax Project Page .


If you have not noticed any problems with your site, there is not a need to patch the files, but if you want to regardless, the files patched are listed below and attached below:



  1. Corrected improper .htaccess syntax for main .htaccess file causing 500 Internal Server errors on certain servers.
  2. Bugfix #185 - Fixed missing products from orders
  3. Fixed sql file in the installer. Added missing Order Editor fields.


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