This contribution is for shops that sells music (Cd, vynil ect...).
It add a ability to listen an audio sample in mp3 of your products,
which will be streamer from your server by a player in flash.

Bookmark Mod


this is a bookmark mod that i found that actually works with R3 pretty easy just follow the directions

Custom Nav Bar English


this is a custom nav bar script that is tested with oscmax, it is a manual configured nav bar but works really good hope you enjoy.

Two BTS Templates set up for osCMax

These are the Cobalt and Fire templates simply repackaged for osCMax. Just copy to your site as you see fit. I am working on more contribs as time go's so this is just a start learning as i go.

Soap Postcoder UK

Soap Postcoder UK ONLY Postcode address finder displays Iframe within create_account and files in create account in admin also able to switch on and off from admin under account configuration enabled this

Polish languages for osCMax2.0

The files of Polish language to osCMax2.0 which are the base of communicating the programme in Polish. As yet they are this only files of programme, administration in Polish it is in project and will

Shipping Status w tracking for oscMAx

Another great contribution to help you and your customers. This adds a place to add the tracking number in the order for USPS,UPS,Fedex,DHL It also adds an "In Transit" of Shipped Field. It gives you a clickable link in admin on the order page to track the package.

Credit Card Encrypt and Decrypt on the fly.

A Much Better Credit Card Module than the Basic One. This is perfect for those who need to process cards offline like wholesalers etc. It encrypts,decrypts on the fly and adds cvv.

Dutch language pack osCMax v2 rc3

This project is to create and maintain a Dutch language pack for osCMax v2 rc3. My goal is to create this language pack in 4 steps.


Step 1: Customer/frontend at 98% translation, mainly leftover are the help-lines

Quick price updates for sppc with product dimension

Creates and update page that allows updating fields (you set in configuration) for multiple products at one time. I added the ability to modify length, width, height, and ready to ship status when using UPS(XML) with dimension support. This is my first attempt at submitting a contribution so send any constructive feedback you like.

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