Easy Populate & Products Attributes

This is an updated easypopulate + product attributes package for osCMax. Most modifications were made because of problems reported in the forum. Thanks to all that helped debug.

Google Checkout for osCMax

The Google Checkout module for osCMax allows merchants using osCMax to offer Google Checkout as an alternate checkout method. The plugin provides Level 2 integration of Google Checkout with osCMax. This module is a direct port of the Google Checkout module for osCommerce

xShop 1.0 for osCMax has been released

We at osCMax.com are all very excited to announce the release of the brand new xShop 1.0 software from SASoft Incorporated.

oscmax with ultrapics integration


This is a complete integration ultrapics to the oscmax store. Install this store as you would a stock oscmax store. The sql file has been modified to install all tables when you install the store. This is a full stock oscmax v2.0 store installation.


This contribution will automatically email your customers that selected product notifications when a products stock is updated. Used in combination with a couple others which are mentioned in the instructions it is truly as my 6 year old would say awesome. Updated for OSCMAX

Adjustable HTML FCKEditor Window

This simple contribution allows you to control the size of the WYSIWYG editor window on the admin side.

Great for the people who have larger monitors and tired of looking at the small editor window.

UK Based RC3 Shop

Please be aware this modded files include the iframe for postcode soap i posted up on oscmax.com couple of months ago

To stop any errors please download and install postcoder soap first then overwrite files the with these UK based shop files

Database corruption 5/6/07 lost several hours of posts

osCMax.com had a few problems with the forums on the site today. We received several reports that threads were missing and forums were empty. We quickly located and corrected the problem, however several hours of posts were lost due to database table corruption. We were able to restore from a backup that was only a few hours old which minimized the loss to only a few posts. If you notice that one of your posts is missing, it is most likely due to this problem.

PayPal UK Website Payments Pro

This module implements PayPal Website Payments Pro which consists of PayPal's Express Checkout and Direct Payment methods. I ported this to work with RC3 included. This module does not use the PayPal PHP SDK so the installation is fairly easy.

Multi-Stores shop system for OSCMAX


Version 1.4
These modifications allow you to assign specific products and categories to multiple stores that you define in the administration panel. The products and categories

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