events Scheduler 1.12


events Scheduler 1.12, covert to oscmax full install, check the read me files, before install, manually install required for heavily moded sites,

Scrolling Product Images

This is a very simple to install marquee of random products. It can be used in your header, on the home page, or within product pages.You can define the size of the displayed images and the scroller, within the one php file.You can define how many images to display with Admin.

New File Manager

This is the project dedicated to the development of the new administrative file manager for osCMax, replacing the old file manager that has been removed from the system.This project is in the pre-development stage, nothing has yet been decided. This is the time to add your input and help decide on the best solution for osCMax.

Shipping Estimator

Ported to osCMax from the MVS shipping Estimator. This mod adds a button any time a customer adds an item to their shopping cart that will spawn a JavaScript pop-up to provide a shipping estimate. Our store received so many shipping questions we felt this was required and we also put a box on the front page of our store in an infobox.

Security Notice : osCMax 2.0.4 Released

A serious security vulnerability has been discovered in osCMax v2.0.3 and all prior versions. It is important that you follow the below instructions carefully to secure your site. Failure to do so could result in your site being breached by attack.

The following files must be removed from your site's administrative panel folder:


oscMax Additional Messages


Spurred on by 'pgmarshall'... Give instructions for users that have javascript turned off, plus optionally detect the user-agent and warn of, for example spyware.

Custom Error Pages


This module replaces the standard 404 errors (and others) with a customised error message within the main_page.tpl.php template of your store along with the advanced search box.  It also logs these error in a text file and can be set to email the store owner.This should help retain customers on your site.

Links Manager II

Here is my conversion of the Links Manager II to work with osCMax v2.0.3 (and probably all v2.0 stable releases) and v2.1x.

It is a fully templated conversion that works with the osCMax BTS template system.

The following were updated to make it osCMax compatible:

News Desk

This is the News Desk mod converted to work with osCMax v2.0x and v2.1x

This mod creates a "news desk" feature for your site where you can post news articles or stickies, and generate an RSS feed for your news.

Faq Desk

This is an adaptation of the original Faq Desk, ported to work with osCMax v2.x

Faq Desk is a full featured FAQ system for creating, managing and posting FAQs in your osCMax site. Full administrative management as well as fully templated for osCMax.
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