jQuery Slide Show, Product Tabs, more!

This is the third article in this week's series, covering the new features in the yet to be released osCmax v2.1. There has been a strong effort to update the base features of osCmax to include important usability improvements for customers, while allowing store operators to have full control over which of these elements they want to implement.

jQuery Slide Show

Continuing my focus on main page improvements, we have added another module : The jQuery slide show module. This module allows you to add images and text to the slide show and have them appear on the main page, linked to whatever you want, products, categories, articles, external sites, whatever you choose. Configuration options are extensive and include changing the display dimensions, transitions, transition speed, slide intervals, and many more.

Featured Categories and Product Sets in osCmax v2.1

This week I am highlighting new features in the upcoming release of osCmax v2.1 and today I am detailing the new Featured Categories and Featured Product Sets. A little history is in order here. For a long time, the main page of osCmax was fairly static and did not easily allow a shop owner to feature products of their choice. There was a new products module and a specials module, but each has its obvious limitations. One of the most common support requests we received was how to accomplish featuring specific products or categories on the main page. There was no easy answer, until now.

osCmax V2.1 - One Page Checkout and List/Grid view

osCmax development continues on version 2.1, and I have more cool new features to share with you. Things are happening quickly these days, and there are so many new features and functions it is hard to keep up. If you want daily development updates, I suggest following the project on twitter @osCmax. It is the best way to keep current with what we are working on. 

Because there are so many new additions, I will be covering a couple per day so that I can explain them more fully and keep the articles short and to the point. So, here we go with the two features I am covering today, One Page Checkout system and a new Product Listing display control.

osCmax Development Update

The fast pace of development for the next osCmax release continues. Since I last posted about development, there have been about 50 commits to the v2.1 source code that cover bug-fixes, tweaks and new features.

osCmax listed at opensourcecms.com

In an effort to increase the visibility of osCmax in the open source eCommerce market, we have added a listing at opensourcecms.com. Please be sure to vote/rate osCmax on the listing page to show your support for the osCmax project.

osCMax Featured as Cart of the Week

Practical Ecommerce has featured osCMax as its Cart of the Week. Check out the interview and article here:

Cart of the Week

New Quick-Links and File Manager for preview

The work on osCmax v2.1 continues to improve the usability of the administrative back end. This week, osCmax developer pgmarshall completed the addition of the new Quick Links feature, which allows the store administrator to set up customized links in the left column.

osCMax v2.0.25 Released

osCMax v2.0.25 coming this week

The scheduled maintenance release of osCmax v2.0x will be posted later this week. A few new bugs found in 2.0.15 have been fixed as well as some fixes that didn't make it into the last release due to time constraints.

Bugs Fixed

osCMax v2.0.15 release and project details

     osCMax v2.0.15 was released a few days ago and I wanted to fill in a few details to explain what this new release is all about. The new version fixes a lot of issues that were present in the previous release and is primarily a bug fix release. there were also several additions to features/functions.
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