osCMax Member Blogs now live

As a registered member of osCMax, you get your very own blog to talk about what is important to you. Just login to your account and click on the:


my blog


link in your main menu listing.


Now you have your own personal osCMax channel.  Let me know what you think. 

osCMax Projects section open for submissions

I am happy to announce that the osCMax projects section is now open for submissions. This new area of the web site is devoted to mods that have been converted to work with osCMax. If you have converted a standard osCommerce mod to work with osCMax, post it to this section. This will allow you to share your work with the rest of the community.


You can create a new project by going to the Create Content section in the main menu and clicking on the project link. That will open a project submission page. On that page you will see quite a few fields. Fill in the required info, being as detailed as you can, and skip the sections that you do not have yet (like cvs, or documentation, etc). Then submit the form and on the next page, add a release. 

Fix for bug# 185 - Orders only showing one product when multiple products are ordered

I have attached a zip that contains the checkout_process.php with the above two fixes in it [URL="http://www.oscmax.com/forums/oscmax-v2-installation-issues/6416-order-details-missing-products.html#post23029"]Here[/URL]. This thread also references this bugtracker issue: [URL="http://bugtrack.oscmax.com/view.php?id=185"]185: multiple items in an order result in only 1 product in the order details[/URL] I have updated the bugtracker with this resolution as well. [quote] I had the same problem on a (now modified) fresh install of the RC3 package. I knew I didn't edit the checkout_process.php page, and didn't understand why my "other customers purchased" module wouldn't work. Once in the orders in the admin I noticed only the first product was being added to orders.... Has to be a bad loop.

osCMax Template Store

Our osCMax template store is now open. Now you can get custom templates for osCMax, osCommerce, CreLoaded and ZenCart right here at osCMax.com. Visit the template store today and take a look at the great selection of templates. If you need a fast, professional design, these templates are excellent to get you up and running with a custom look in minutes... [SIZE=3][B][URL="http://www.oscmax.com/template_store_0"] Template Store -Click here to browse[/URL] [/B][/SIZE]

New osCMax web site comments

[quote=michael_s;22896]The new osCMax web site is finally up, and as you can see we have improved the forums by upgrading to vBulletin+Drupal, as well as modernized the site design to something from this century ;). In the coming days, I will be adding more content to the main osCMax site, including project downloads, new documentation, osCMax demo site, and a lot more good osCMax info. Please feel free to comment in the Announcement Discussions forum. If you have any suggestions or wishes for this site, that is the place to post...[/quote] Please feel free to comment...
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