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Shipping Modules

Shipping Modules

6 years 8 weeks ago

This contribution changes the way Oscmax handles shipping. You can now set the shipping parameters for each product individually. All of the following (and more) are possible:

1. Most products ship by a selection of standard shipping methods, but certain large and heavy items ship by truck.

2. Products ship from one of two or more locations.

6 years 49 weeks ago

Multi Vendor Shipping 1.2
this is multi vendor shipping ported to oscmax 2.0
module matches current oscommerce release 1.2

9 years 47 weeks ago

Another great contribution to help you and your customers. This adds a place to add the tracking number in the order for USPS,UPS,Fedex,DHL It also adds an "In Transit" of Shipped Field. It gives you a clickable link in admin on the order page to track the package.

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