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Payment Modules

Payment Modules

9 years 15 weeks ago

afendis AG payment module V 2.1 for the new APS system.

9 years 7 weeks ago

A Much Better Credit Card Module than the Basic One. This is perfect for those who need to process cards offline like wholesalers etc. It encrypts,decrypts on the fly and adds cvv.

9 years 28 weeks ago

The Google Checkout module for osCMax allows merchants using osCMax to offer Google Checkout as an alternate checkout method. The plugin provides Level 2 integration of Google Checkout with osCMax. This module is a direct port of the Google Checkout module for osCommerce

9 years 42 weeks ago
This module implements PayPal Website Payments Pro which consists of PayPal's Express Checkout and Direct Payment methods. I ported this to work with RC3 included. This module does not use the PayPal PHP SDK so the installation is fairly easy.
6 years 34 weeks ago

Allow customers to place an order, then phone through payment details. Simple addition of two files. (Based on Check/Money Order payment module).

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