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Thread: Easypopulate stalls - claims duplicate Product ID (solved??)

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    Easypopulate stalls - claims duplicate Product ID (solved??)

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    Default Easypopulate stalls - claims duplicate Product ID (solved??)

    I haven't played with EP for a while, and, thanks to Ridexbuilder, I thought I would take a look at using it again to load up a number of new products to the site. However a problem arose after extracting the current listing from my live site and then trying to copy it to my localhost site using Easypopulate 2.76i-MS2 (called EP from now on). I kept getting an error at a specific product where EP stopped and complained about a duplicate product key "1062 - Duplicate entry '####' for key 'PRIMARY'" . ('####' being a particular number) So I checked the CSV file, nope, no duplicate of that number there, then I went to the database, and again no actual duplicates in the data file product_id number, then did a bunch of scanning online for suggestions - no joy.

    Tired and a bit frustrated I then, as an experiment, deleted that product_id column - and then I found I could upload the EP file copy of my live site to my localhost version as expected!

    OK, that was interesting, now what happens if I restore the product_id column to the EP CSV file and try uploading it again? Curious - now the upload works correctly WITH the original product_id column.

    I have no idea why that 'fixed' the problem, but perhaps it will help someone else if they run across something similar.

    John :-#)#

    PS, just tried doing that again with an EP CSV file from a different day - new error number, same error style, deleted product_id, ran EP Upload and Import EP file (Normal), inserted all products, then restored product_id to same file, ran EP insert again, and now it ran to completion as above with the same product_id column as before...
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    Easypopulate stalls - claims duplicate Product ID (solved??)

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    Default Re: Easypopulate stalls - claims duplicate Product ID (solved??)

    Hmm, a bit of a torrid time!
    You MUST have unique product models for products, even if they are just your own made-up internal codes. Try to keep them simple with no apostrophes, or similar.
    It you don't then it's best to export the product table and add them with a spreadsheet, followed by reimporting them.
    See attachment for a customised EP.
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