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Thread: Wow all my images disappeared, someone help me out.

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    Default Wow all my images disappeared, someone help me out.

    Ok, earlier today I was messing with my site and everything was looking great. Then I saved it and shutdown my computer. When I got home I plugged in my laptop and went to the site. All my images disappeared and I have no idea why. They all have that pic that means they are broken links. Anyone know why this could be? I think the last 3 files I messed with were boxes.php, index.php, and the stylessheet.css. I hope you know how to fix this because I don't want to reload the whole site and start from scratch. Heres the link if you wanna see whats messed up.

    Thanks Alot,

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    Wow all my images disappeared, someone help me out.

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    You have a problem with your path somewhere. It is not finding the stylesheet and I would bet that there is a problem with your configure.php files....
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    You happen to have an idea which config.php file you think would be the cause of that?


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    Hi Craig,

    your images are somewhat pointing to this address for example

    look at your configure.php or the stylesheet if you defined your path there, just look for the and change it to


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    You guys ROCK!!! The problem ended up being in the config.php, for some reason I have two of everything, like two HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN etc. One uses pcexclusive the other I changed the wholesale back and all was fixed. I have no idea how it got changed but that was it. You guys ROCK!!!

    Thanks Again,

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